Home with Tate

Tate’s not sure about this staying home with Mom thing. He’s a little whiny, and a little clingy, and not sure about drop in. He misses Shannon, one of the preschool teachers. He’s got both his parents home, although one or the other of us is working, and it’s just a little overwhelming. Overall, though, I think he’s adjusting pretty well, considering.

I’m totally blown away by how different it is to spend so much time with him one on one without his brother around. It’s really interesting, to see him interacting with the world, with me, with his dad without sibling rivalry being a factor. Well, maybe it’s being in the house. We’d gone out ‘just us’ before, but in the house, calm, nothing new going on – he’s got this incredible long concentration, and can play by himself for hours, and he’s been craving that space; he loves to chat about things and have wee conversations; he’s enjoying learning letters; but he’s embarrassed about singing. These things I see most when there is quiet.

There are other things I have more time and relaxation to appreciate and not fret about. He’s confused about opposites – cold/hot, comfy/uncomfortable, up/down, soft/hard. Has been for awhile; it’s an issue I was beginning to worry about. However, hanging out with him I see he gets the differences, but is *overthinking* it – he corrects himself, and then again, much like I do whenever I’m spelling the word ‘Weird’.


  1. It’s so neat to see kids get a chance to be themselves, outside of the context of their siblings. I find that with mine, too. Weirdly enough, they’re PEOPLE.

  2. It’s good to mix up the family dynamics sometimes, and spend time in different configurations.

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