Driving along in my automobile

I am a new Co-op! Client!

Today I went on a four hour drive with John. I’ve done a bit previous, but this was the Driving On Big Roads day – and in the rain no less. Starting from my sister’s house in East Van, we did backroads to Burnaby, where we found a parking lot beside a community centre that very handily had traffic cones and no cars in it: I goofed around with parallel parking, reversing, slalom, and three point turns. Then, with increasing confidence, I tootled back streets for awhile before really getting out into real for real driving, like real for real drivers do. It’s pretty awesome, y’all.

It’s sort of interesting to drive different cars via the Co-op. Means I have the option of taking my driving test in a Smart car. Parallel park in a pothole!

Life’s suddenly got a lot of new in it. If you check out our main site (geckotemple.com), you’ll see we’re swinging into a whole fambily of self-employment – and so I’ve been working setting up the office. Plus driving! Plus Tate being home! And it’s all beginning to feel like it might be okay – we don’t have sufficient clients yet, (and we haven’t yet had payment!), but we have a few clients and a few leads, and we haven’t really started gearing up our advertising yet. Getting a website together, taxes, cards, etc., seemed like a good strategy before getting more work than we have the infrastructure together.

I have also committed to writing fiction daily with some other online writers, and that’s part of where my blog has gone. I’ve been doing a lot of little things – wee writing challenges, about a blog post long, based on a challenge scenario – and I’m also working on a short story.

I’m considering starting to post the results of the challenges here. It’s amusing – to post non-fiction seems so easy, I do it so often, and I hardly care anymore. To start posting unedited fictive bits seems so much more naked. I’m thinking that’s good, it’s what I need to develop a greater sense of authoritah in my fiction.  That’s been a learning process with writing journal entries here. I wonder if fiction would work the same?


  1. And that website is only transitional… we’re not done yet.

  2. Yay for the new! How can I help?
    Don’t take your driving test in a Smart car though. There’s a goofy-but-not-endearing tic in the transmission cables. Sometimes they won’t let you shift out of Park.

  3. Whoah changes afoot! Good for you (all)!

    drivey drivey drive.

    Interesting thought re: posting the fiction bites like the non-fiction. It would be such a good way to make it less “precious” in a way..make it just about the craft, the writing. Just words.

    (obvs. this is my own hang-up)


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