Yesterday was a pro-D day and Ripley stayed home. It was a day of much laundry and errands and talking to people about the situation on the block, and therefore not as exciting as it could be – and both yesterday and today John had some overtime to do.

So today we took a mental health day. Ripley stayed home from school, and we went out to play – we took his “active adventure passport” – a collection of tickets to sporting things put out by the government to encourage movement, and which, other than swimming, have by and large been far LESS active than what we’re used to, consisting of mainly walking and standing in lines.

However, we’ve had fun, so that’s good. Today we walked down to BC Place to go to the “BC Sports Hall of Fame”. They had an active challenge there to try, although our main activity was the walking to and from, because their active challenge was so LOUD it scared the pants off both my kids. There was a cube, a tent like thing filled with gym equipment, and one side of it had projections of various sporting events – a hockey goal, or a basketball hoop, or what have you – and you were supposed to throw or kick or shoot your way to success. Only it didn’t work very well, and it was really really really loud and pulsated and boomed and blasted to call people to it. In the room with the yelley sports cube, there was also a track which timed your run, and the kids (hands over ears), ran through it a bunch of times to try to beat each other. Noted: my younger and elder have identical times, although the elder is taller.

We wandered around in the exhibits, and I think would have stayed longer, but they were drilling something into the floor of BC Place, and that was loud too. We spent a good long time in the Terry Fox and Rick Hansen’s rooms, though, and both the kids took turns wheeling the wheelchair. The elder was faster. The kids played a very confused and active game of bubble hockey, and we left, where we found a young girl no more than 8 playing Ginormous Surreal Basketball (made from a yoga ball wrapped in basketball fabric). We played with her awhile, while I tried to ascertain WTF. Her male friends (who I’d seen), were in the hall of fame, but her mom hadn’t wanted to spend the money on her, and so she was waiting out just in front of the hall of fame playing with their Ginormous Surreal Basketball, but her mom wasn’t in there.

We went completely outside and I saw why: her mom was in a wheelchair, and BC Place has mainly revolving doors, with the disabled enterance on that side blocked off for repairs.  I was going to go out to ask Mom if it was okay if I bought the girl an admission, but then all four – 3 boys and the girl – came revolving out from the doors at screaming high speed. Okay, then.

So we went to the library and read books and ate frozen yogurt, and then came home in time for supper. A good day, overall. A day of playing hooky.

Only now I’m too sun-weary to do my daily fiction, so instead I’m going to watch TV and then go to bed early.


  1. Speaking as one who spends days with children too, watching TV and going to bed early is just about what I have energy for too at the end of the day.

  2. Also, what you did is called a field trip and I’m doubly tired after any field trip.

  3. It was Share Day anyway, which I always use an an excuse to take a day off writing.

  4. BC Place is woefully inaccessible to wheelchair users.

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