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I went to Wikipedia today to find out what various ratings meant – Tate was watching an animal show with a C8 rating, and I wanted to check it out. Their tv ratings page has all sorts of info from all over the world, and I ended up looking at various different rating systems. Seems to me that these sort of “levels of decency,” and where we set them, says something about varying cultures. Like those for whom “discrimination” being shown helps set the level.

Anyway, the Netherlands also has little content icons that they put up. They’re nice little logo designs. 

The one for sex cracked me up.

Dutch TV ratings content icon

Dutch TV ratings content icon


It’s the hetero vanilla sex icon!

Man. This icon is brilliant but it’s also demanding subversion…


  1. Laughing!

  2. Do the Dutch only have four toes per foot?

  3. No no… they have five toes, but you know when you drink tea from one of those little itty bitty teacups, and you have to lift your pinkie finger?

    Same thing.

    The Dutch don’t call it Missionary: they call it Dainty.

  4. Also, I want a t-shirt with the Strong Language symbol on it:

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