Random Notes from A New Location

Since moving, I’ve learned a bunch.

  • [Removed the stuff I had in another post. Redundancy. Nothing like a little. Redundancy.]
  • In domestic news, either John or I make the bed everyday. Why? We actually like our bedroom. Those words they all natter about a bedroom being one’s retreat? Well, it’s TRUE. Our room feels like a retreat, painted in a lovely sage colour, and it’s even retreatier when the bed’s made. And it’s so nice to mess it up again.
  • The grocery run that cost $525- downtown cost us $350- today.
  • We have a composter! We bought it today and I am unnaturally thrilled about it.
  • My kids, when running about amusing themselves in places like the back yard and their bedrooms on a whole ‘nother floor, provoke less angst in me and I in them. 
  • We watch less TV. Scads less.
  • We eat together each meal, having a dining space that is its own space. We talk.
  • In fact, I will go out on a limb and say this: if they *actually* want ecodensity to work for families, apartments with more space would be lovely to have. Doesn’t have to be huge: has to be, say, 1100 square feet, with well thought out storage. None of this utter lack of cupboards to maximize the look of space in the display suite.
  • Linen closet: what a good idea.
  • Yard. Yard + Kids = EXTREMELY GOOD IDEA. You know the best thing about a yard? The kids can go outside and play while I wash dishes.
  • Riiiight. Our dishwasher doesn’t work, and maybe can’t. We have old wiring. So I’m washing by hand still, although I don’t mind,
  • I have learned too late that when looking at really really really old glossy paint, it’s probably OIL BASED, and you should not in fact paint LATEX PAINT over it, without steps taken first. Whoops.
  • I have learned those things that look like dandelions only aren’t nearly as fun, because they’re not soft with tube like stems that you can make chains out of, but instead can have a few flowers coming from a wiry forked stem, well, they’re called Cat’s Ear.
  • I have also learned that I like to dig the taproots of Cat’s Ear as if it were Tetris and I was in first year university. With OCD like obsession.
  • I have learned it doesn’t matter. The cat’s ear will come back, because when it’s 90% of your lawn, you’re sort of screwed.
  • Doesn’t matter to my pulling obsession, though.  If we’re here long enough, which I certainly hope is true, I’ll get it all, (yes I will…)
  • You hear that, Cat’s Ear? I will destroy you. Tremble before me, and despair.
  • I have learned that the first time I read NeverWhere by Gaiman, I must have been high, drunk, sick, or insane. I didn’t read the book that’s there.
  • My cat likes to go outside, and I’m letting her.
  • I have learned that the language Tagalog is not pronounced TAG-a-log, but tah-GAL-log. We have a downstairs neighbour, 9 years old, who plays with our kids, who speaks Tagalog at home. When I asked her how to say “Hello”, she gave me the most arch look. “Um. We mainly say ‘Hi’.”
  • As we settle in and fall more in love with the space, I get more and more scared it’ll be taken sooner rather than later. I have lingering housing anxiety. I keep telling myself not to get TOO attached.
  • But I’m a lot calmer and saner than I was.


  1. She IS sane! I’ve seen her! It’s like, weird!

  2. Even more benefits than I foresaw. I am so happy for you.
    If you want help repainting those oil paint covered cupboards, let me know. Kilz primer will let latex stick to oil. I’m handy with a paint brush. Alsoplus, the kids rooms.
    I think I have to join the car co-op just so I can shop at the SuperStore.

  3. Beth: The $500 to get into the http://www.cooperativeauto.net would pay for itself in Superstore trips in the first six months, I bet. Even if that’s all you used it for.

    Also, you’re welcome to come over and NOT paint. You should try it, I’ve been here not painting for a while now, and it’s nice.

    Kids are playing in the sprinkler out front right now, and the world is good.

  4. Yay! I am so happy you’re happy!

  5. Between several weeks of vacation and then several weeks of no internet at home, I’m woefully disconnected from my blog reading–and am so delighted to be catching up here and finding out how well your move is turning out. Must stop commenting now to browse more of your recent posts!

  6. So EXACTLY there with ya – which made our decision to buy… yes buy (even though it’s in Langley) that much easier. It’s more than home-for-now.

  7. Tagalog is an interesting language, though. When you’re learning to read it you have to expand the abbreviations ng and mga to nang and manga, respectively.

    The grammar has a lot of prefixes, suffixes, and even infixes, which get stuck inside words, usually between the first consonant and the following vowel. There are also forms that require that you duplicate a syllable. It’s entertaining; manageable but pretty alien.

  8. Shelley – Congrats! Are you loving it?

    ACW – Infixes? I don’t imagine I’d be good at hearing infixes, but I’m intrigued.

  9. The one English infix: fucking. As in: unfuckingbelievable!

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