Average Annual Per Capita Fresh Vegetable Consumption Chez Nous

Based on average 2 week purchase minus estimated waste. (Because Tate asked: “How much celery do I eat in a whole YEAR?” Of course, we don’t all consume equal portions, but per capita will have to do.)

Celery, bunch: 5
Cauliflower, head, large: 5
Broccoli, head, large: 23
Mushrooms: 4 paper bags worth, and I’ve no idea the weight.
Bell Peppers, large, any colour: 20
Green beans, cups: 20
Carrots, baby, kilo: 6.5
Carrots, whole:  60
Onions, large, yellow: 60
Onions, large, red: 2
Bag o’ salad: 10
Head lettuce: 3
Parsnips: 10
Zuchinni: 8
Cloves of garlic: 60
Snap peas, cups: 10
Asparagus, bunches: 2
Avocados, medium: 10
Cucumbers, English: 12
Spinach, bunch: 2 – being phased back in
Kale, bunch: .5 – I’m not a big fan
Eggplant – 0
Yams, medium: 35
Potatos, medium: 35
Turnips: .5

I am the sole household member who consumes tomatoes.


  1. And we sometimes get things like alfalfa sprouts, bean sprouts, brussel sprouts, cabbage (red or green), fennel, or beets, but I can’t guess purchase-wastage, because it’s not regular.


    What’re you, some kinda ratatouille hatas? No caponata? No country curry? Eggplant would be up in our top 5, for sure, and it was #1 in Japan.

    Of course, I’m the only person in my house who will eat yams, so you’ve got us whupped there, unless I kick it up a notch and start eating them for breakfast every day…

  3. No eggplant. Eggplant and okra, the two veggies I don’t cook with. I am not fond of eggplant, finding it bitter to mine tongue.

  4. And I forgot to add squash. We don’t really eat squash (other than zuke) in the summer, so I’d forgotten about it. We eat it all winter, though.

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