You don’t mind a haircut nice and close, do you?

So, this editing is going well. I have my query, and I’ve written out my major subplots, and now I’m going through cutting everything that isn’t moving either of them forward. Also moving crap around for pacing. Doing a whole lot of “What’s my motivation?” with Verona.

 I have come to realize that things I write are very often neither accidental nor off target, they’re just hidden from me. For example, in my first go through, Verona washes a floor. Why, exactly? My pen was poised for strikethrough, when I started to realize why – it was atonement for rising guilt, foreshadowing for me. Only it was in the wrong place for the chapter, and not well demonstrated.

So, cut, move, rewrite: now it makes sense. Her character – and major internal conflict – is developed right from the get go, and the pacing is better.

The (now) first chapter – half of my original first chapter – really is a microcosm of all those things she’s going to cope with over the rest of the book.

How incredibly satisfying.

I’m in a better rhythm for editing, here. Scene by scene. I’ve gone totally left brain on the novel, and it’s lovely; I was incredibly right brain during writing.

Normally I both write and edit with my left brain making commentary and suggesting structure etc. This time it happened differently, which I think allows my editing to be more honest, because my Left Brained Editor has no babies in play. Nothing to protect. There’s no hidden essay that good ole LB stuck in there – but LB’s going to find the essay and set it up, oh yeah.

Interestingly, I’ve printed out and am handwriting my edits. I think that all of the paragraphs are made of suck, actually – they’re LB mainly pointing out what needs to happen. But when I’m done, I’m handing off again, to my other head, and it can go apeshit in the defined parameters.

Keep your fingers crossed for me. There’s a large middle section that needs some subtantive work coming up and I’m not entirely sure my LB can figure it all out of a piece…


  1. It sounds like you’re having fun. Less dithering and worrying and more fun. Yea you!

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