Query Day, Aftermath

4 request for partials, 1 personalized rejection, and 3 form rejections. Plus, I found this page – On Failing.

I’ve been dealing with an above average amount of anxiety; I was on my way back out of the forest when Query Day came.  Not much you can do to stop having *some* stage fright, only I had frightitis and hair trigger moperism already going on, which all made it seem much more fraught. Plus, I know the odds.

Well, it appears misery does love company – it was lovely to read at that link about how awful Abe Lincoln once felt for not getting anything to work out right.  Great therapy, the suffering of others…

Or at least when there’s a happy ending.

And then, tonight, I finally got my synopsis licked. The narrative, abbreviated, is the suffering of another with a happy ending – and oddly, very personal to me. Going through it again? There’s therapy too.

It seems like the cure for Query Day Anxiety is more writing. Even if that writing is a dreaded synopsis.


  1. 50% partial request rate is GOOD, dude.

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