Walking in the new ‘hood

So, today I received a rejection from a partial. It was actually a heartening rejection: compliment for writing ability, nothing wrong per se, just not the right match. It left me with some confidence.

Still, I needed to go for a walk and let it pass through me. So I popped on some headphones and off I went, as the sun was setting, just me.

I haven’t felt very settled yet in my new neighbourhood; but I haven’t done many walks by myself, either. West of Granville, I found a rolling little park singing out in cherry blossoms. The sunset was velvet and the sky clear – I had stars to look at, out in the middle of the grass, where the streetlights left me and I mainly had moonlight. On the way home, I smelled dinners – curry, fish, basil, bread.

I think to fall in love, I can’t have my kids with me. As the evenings lengthen and get drier, I need to walk the sidewalks here more. There are lovely and surprising little spaces to find.


  1. Nice to read about you getting a bit more settled in your new neighbourhood. It makes sense that you’d see things in a different way walking alone; walking with kids draws your attention to them or to what they see. You need time and space to look for yourself. (the captcha now is “mistier progressive,” a hint to walk in the rain more?)

  2. Oh the solo walk. Such wonderful bliss.
    Heartening rejection..also good.

  3. Heh. Walking in the rain is very good advice, since rain kept me away from solo walking more than it should have!

    Heartening, yeah. The agent said “Hang in there”. That felt very real.

    WV: desirous pro-

  4. Falling in love with a new neighborhood takes time, like any kind of falling in love. It’s got to be something that happens with your heart, not you and the distractions of kids and duties and got-to-find stuff.

    (She says, who wears Kits like a shell.) But it’s like finding what you love about a foreign country: You have to open your eyes and let it happen to you.

  5. I’m just the same way about needing to be without kids–without companions, really–to fall in love with a new place. Later, that love can deepen through sharing. But the sense of being beholden-only-to self is part of what lets me listen to my own thoughts and needs while I connect to a place.

    This is good news, about the encouraging rejections. Match is hard to get, but if you’re getting word back that the issue is on the level of match, yay!!!

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