Query update

There’s only one ms left out there now. Most are back – and all in all, it was a successful query run for me, where success means agents were intrigued and interested and positive but didn’t know where/how to sell it, or it wasn’t right for them.

I know I should get together my list of the next 25 agents, the slightly-more-likely ones that are probably not getting quite as many queries per day. That was the plan. I also will query the Canadian agents – I didn’t apply to Canadian agents, because there are so few, and I had hoped there’d be some clear notes on this book like there were with Eureka.

However, I am weary. There aren’t any suggestions, which makes it hard to know if there’s anything I could do to make it more likely I’ll succeed. And I have a new project.

I really hate this marketing part. I’m finding myself in a pretty good frame of mind overall about writing as my heart’s calling and clerking for the money in some capacity. Still, I find a rejection, even a positive one with a side of encouragement, is putting me in an emotional hole and the work of climbing out of those holes makes me tired and takes time.


  1. I know lots about writing and little about fiction/public market publishing–but I do know smart persistence when I see it. Hang in there!

  2. Would it help if I sent out the query letters for you? Think of me as your personal assistant. I can also bring you coffee and drop off your dry-cleaning too.

  3. Ach, sweets, you can come laugh at me about the angst, and that will get the queries sent.

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