Fortuitous Contract

We have the bizarrest gradual entry into full-day Kindergarten for Tate (who wants to start full time TOMORROW). Ripley’s entry was gradual – but it was continuous: an hour, a few days until lunch, and then full time.

Tate’s got three days off next week; the other two days are half days. The following week, he has a full day, and then a day off, before heading in.

Anyway, it has made the idea of job search in September a bit challenging, since the after school program wouldn’t be able to handle his schedule until September 23rd. But that’s okay: I have a work-at-home contract, a bit of web design that I started doing a few years ago that stalled due to circumstance – and that showed up just in time! It will take me to the end of September.

I also have notes and am chomping to get back to the book rewrite – so October might end up being a bit of everything.

Yay, synchronicity!


  1. I’ve been hearing all kinds of crazy back-to-school schedules. I hope it’ll be ok with the job stuff.

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