Methuselah Danio

I’ve been grumpy about our neverending tank of fish for some time. It’s been infected and given me pink eye, and although it’s pretty and the fish spunky and swimmy and the epitome of cute fishies, it’s also generally a pain in the tush to take care of. And the fish, they kept on living. We got the tank’s eldest resident, Ms. Methuselah Danio, three and a half years ago, and it wasn’t small fry at the time.

However, two days ago, she took a turn for the worse. Danios often get old and develop swim-bladder/curvy spine problems, and our danio was lying around on the bottom of the tank, and when roused by human presence, only swimming to the right. I hospitalized her and gave her the left over tank antibiotic. But she kept getting worse.  (I decided she was a she a long time ago, thinking she had an egg retention problem, but it turns out danios just get portly.)

Today, (before I left for my Pewter Triathalon, much facilitated by wearing my bathing suit under my bike clothing) I fed bits of pea to the danio. This is supposed to help if they’ve got a constipation issue – I doubted Ms. Methuselah had that particular problem, since she was having trouble getting to food, being unable to direct herself officially. But when I got home she was even worse, if that was even possible. Man, she looked so painfully twisted.

I euthanized her. It was pretty sad, a surprise to me since I’ve been grumping about the caretaking of fishes.

G’nite, Methusela.


  1. RIP Methusela. Say hello to New Dead Snail on the other side of the Great Fishtank in the Sky, would you? She had only one night in our tank before succumbing.

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