Training tips for the Tinfoil Triathalon

 If you are cycling through a monsoon in cotton clothing, you can save time on the way out of the pool by just putting your clothes back on over your damp bathing suit. Who’s going to know? You’re already soaked through.


Riding home was a blast today. The rain had actually stopped, which was nice, replaced with an intense windy bluster that threw leaves around me. Until I wised up, I got slapped in the face with leaves.

I’ve always loved wind. Like music, it calls an answering emotion in me. 

Wind is great, but ripping into it, teeth bared, on a bicycle hurtling downward for fourteen blocks is excellent.

( I’m exhausted, now.  The wind pulled my breath away.)


  1. This reminds me of those students I overheard at UofG years ago. Snow had started falling, whipped about by wind. They were running and sliding on the sidewalk when one of the kids yelled ‘ “I love the violence”.
    Intense emotion tied to intense nature is exhilerating.

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