As they grow

My kids are upstairs, beating on each other with light-sabres and pausing for  discussion on how a super-hamster might use his brilliant engineering skills to wield such mighty weaponry. I enjoy listening in – more than I enjoy being told of their stories, to tell truth, because the telling can go on for hours, whereas their performances are part of the charm.

Charm is right. This has been a charmed week in parenting:  I have the resources and understanding of problems that come up; the kids are funny and interesting and full of great plans; we’re laughing together a lot.

Kindergarten: O! What brilliant joy! Tate was a social butterfly waiting to be freed from the cocoon. He flaps around the playground visiting every little group, and thinks they’re all the most awesome people ever born. Plus, he has learned such mighty bits of information such as the recipe for drawing an A:  slant slant across, by the way, and there’s an interpretive dance to go with.

Grade 3 seems pretty skookum too. Ripley’s going to be a Teddy Bear in the school Christmas play – he’s got lines to learn and has been practicing his teddy bear walk, ambling like the Michelin man along the sidewalks home and practicing different possible voices.

He’s also been submitted for a “Gadgets and Gizmos” workshop for the spring, which has lead to a few interesting conversations about possible career futures. So far he’s decided on being a marine biologist engineer who plays the Marimba and is a break dancer.

We talked about ways people liked to work; he thought that maybe IT, where you often don’t know what you’ll be doing or what the solve will be, would be too stressful.  So would writing on spec, when you don’t know if anything will sell. Ripley always likes to know the next step – and I think his self-awareness on this will serve him well.

I am overcome with delight that I get to ride my bike and swim and dance in the livingroom. Everyday, exercise. Man, does that ever make a difference to my mental health! The light is fading – although we have had an uncommon amount of sun, it seems – but even though it’s darker I haven’t had my seasonal downturn of mood. Normally, at the end of October, my hope dwindles; I am overtaken by the heaviness of the sky.

This year, I don’t seem to mind. I can ride through the gray and leaves and rain and my own heart pounding lights me up.


  1. Well-adjusted kids come from well-adjusted parents. I salute you and your efforts and delight in Rip and Tate’s successes.

  2. You guys are awesome, and continue to hold first place on my parental role model list. <3

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