Today in Editing

I’ve been editing the same chapter for hours, and it’s not even a chapter with a lot of changes.

I’m learning to edit I need to Read Extremely Slowly, so that I can see just what I’ve written, and not the scene behind it that I’m writing about.


One recent morning Ripley left me the following note:

I foresaw the futur last night, mom, you need to get new ring earings.

Someone is going to trade a handheld vacume for your earing and you’ll have to let me clean someone else’s home – Insted of going to shcooll!

So. If anyone wants to trade a hand-held vacuum for (a single?) hoop earring and the cleaning attentions of an eight-year-old, it appears we’re ready for you.



  1. I AM IN. Oh wait I don’t have a handheld vacuum. But I have a nice vacuum. It’s awesome. No bags to throw away! Let Ripley know.

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHA…that is fantastic.

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