I got the magazine, today, with m’story in it.

The website still reflects the spring edition: I am in the summer edition. And you know what? I’ve read a lot of authors that say the moment that something gets published, you’re suddenly wishing like mad you could call do-over and do a rewrite.

Mmmm-hmmm. It’s different when in a format that looks like real writing. Sort of embarrassing, really.

A lot of authors also say things like “publication doesn’t really matter” and “you’ll just fret about something else”, and although I now understand that, having a first publication matters to me. It’s a baby step. It means I know subject from predicate, at least. It is a signpost that says there’s a path beyond the trees, if you just keep working at finding it and maybe have a little luck. The path may not lead to Man Booker, but it might lead to competence and more short stories in magazines.

However, in the REAL world, my fussy commas need trimming.

You know what’s cool? I wrote this story inspired by the painting style of a local artist. Storyteller magazine put (pencil) art with the story. The style that inspired me was transmitted through what I wrote and was re-interpreted by a different artist. So, so cool.

As part of this coming September, as I pry my life from my left brain, I am going to re-create this blog to be primarily about writing. Just documenting – the process, the exercises, the business – what it is to take myself seriously.

Whatever happens in terms of my ability to Write Fiction for Money, I am learning something big about paying attention. Regardless of where this journey takes me, I will come out of this working with words and stories and people in some combination, whether as a published author or somewhere else involved in the industry.

That’s most what matters.


  1. MAZEL TOV! You are a rock star, m’dear. Let us know the moment it hits the web, won’t you?

  2. Writing blog? I can still come argue with you though? I mean, how do you expect to take yourself seriously without a gadfly buzzing in the corner?

    Also: congrats. It’s a damn fine feeling, no matter how cynical one becomes about the Authoritah of publishers.

  3. Congratulations to you! On seeing your words in print, and seeing where the journey takes you.

  4. Wow! Congratulaions! This is so cool.

  5. I’ve now seen the actual magazine, and there it is. You open the cover and find her name with words that she actually wrote. I am so excited, and it’s not even me. I can’t imagine how excited Arwen has to be.
    So, how does it feel, knowing others, people you don’t know and never will know, will be reading your words and have opinions about them? Is it like letting go your children and sending them off into the world on their own?

  6. awwwww sweet!! nice bit of OOMPH before the 3 day novel! (I will be toasting you heartily that weekend, btw.)

    By cheesefairy on August 16th, 2008 at 7:55 am
  7. Also–I’ve also been incredibly embarrassed the few times I’ve had things published in magazines or anthologies. So much so that I don’t think I’ve ever been able to read my own writing all the way through in published format. Somehow it all seems *worse*. So I applaud your courage.

  8. WOOT!

  9. Waiting for the summer issue!

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