New Feature: Ask a Doofus

Here are things I don’t know.

  • What do people need explained?
  • Can I explain things that I haven’t spent four years learning?

So, y’know, if you have a strange question you’d like answered – with a Fancy Pseudonym, even – go ahead and send it to arwen (at the domain) telus dot net.

I’ll research and answer and then y’all can beat the stuffing out of the answer in the comments. You could ask questions you know the answers to! You could ask questions about shit no one understands! Saweet! 

Sound fun? No?

GOOD. Go then!


  1. How far is Up???

  2. Okay, this is for real. I know the whole relativity equation, MC squared and stuff. And someone going into space comes back younger than the rest of the folks who remain on earth, time going slower in space or something. But WTF.. makes no sense to me.
    Can you explain the theory of relativity so I actually get it.

  3. Oh, that’s a good one.
    Another good one is in the previous thread – I just remembered Els’ question re: teh Ameribux. I’ll prolly do the exchange rate one first, being in an Economic frame of mind.

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