Needley needley needley…

Yesterday, I had some “intermuscular stimulation” done on my calf muscles.

In this long process of learning to walk again, I’ve had to buy new shoes, exercise my feet in the weirdest ways, and have learned that I walk incorrectly.

And even though I can now get down the stairs, slowly, and I can walk to and from work without injury, and I’m building up my shins and balance — my tendons, they still hurt.

Last week in physio, we decided to work on calf strengthening. But the moment I did so – yowza . My calf muscles pull too tightly on my tendons, and made the problem worse again. I cannot stretch my calves – when trying to stretch, it is my tendon that gets pulled, because it’s weaker than the clench of my calf muscle. Which is how this keeps happening.

“Oh,” said the physio, “You need IMS“.

This means sticking acupuncture needles in the tight calves. Then the needle gets grabbed by your tight muscle. Then everything feels like crampy hell and yowza yowza, and also, there’s a little dropsy feeling like being on an rollar-coaster. Then, suddenly, everything lets go in your muscle. You sort of feel weak and liquid and sore, like you’ve been wrung out.

It’s a surprising feeling.

Today, I feel sore like I’ve worked out too hard – and then went out for a good round of getting beat up. A tender, be careful feeling in my calf. 

My next appointment, she’ll be needling my back, butt, calves, AND hamstrings.

But that’s on the 4th! So then I will come home and watch the election.


  1. I’m sorry for the “Yowza” kind of pain. I sure hope that it helps in the long run. But election watching will be exciting. Also, hopefully, not painful.

  2. You need me to bring you some dinner or do some housework? Because I can do that if walking with your wrung-out yowza back, butt-and-calves is too much.

  3. Acupuncture is some crazy stuff. I hope it helps!

  4. Ouchies!

    If you need anything at all (from a clean toilet, to fresh baked chocolate chip cookies) just give me a shout. :)

  5. Awww, guys, y’all are great! I’m okay and getting better every day.

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