A whole lot of Palin on CNN

I’ve been watching CNN on and off during this election run up. Today, I saw Obama speaking and it made me realize how little I’ve seen of him. The most play has been on Palin – and okay, sure, she’s a train wreck.  But dude. She’s also getting a whole lot of airtime, and she’s barking about how Obama is Marxist until I want to hit her with a Canadian Conservative. For christ sakes, Obama’s likely somewhere in the same political neighbourhood as Gordon Freakin’ Campbell.

They’re saying “Marx” like they mean “Stalin” or “Mao” – which is like saying “Locke” like you mean “Pinochet”. And although I would like Steven Harper to retire back to the land of the glassy fanatical undead, he’s no Pinochet.

If Obama doesn’t win, our times are going to get more “interesting”, aren’t they?

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