Oi… Running out of today

John’s doing Movember. He must grow a moustache, but not a beard. It’s pretty cute.

Today Ripley told us about all the magic tricks performed by the resource teacher. Then he told his guesses about how they were done. He loves magic, but it’s the figuring out the trick part he loves most.

Today Tate peed in the potty. Which is a trick I appreciate a good deal.

Wow. Cereal blogging. THIS IS WHAT NOVEMBER BRINGS. What a month! With the cereal blogging! And the big 70s cop moustaches! And the rain!

Actually, if all of November was kitch month, that’d be pretty cool.


  1. I think cereal blogging is a lovely idea. As is peeing in the potty. Hooray for peeing in the potty!

  2. Please may I see the cop mustache?

  3. Hooray for Tate!!! Hooray for parents and less laundry too.

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