John’s heartbreaking post

He wrote one of his long ramblin’ posts today, and then it got eating by the gods of “there’s been an error”, and the autosave failed. So he’s feeling kind of blue.

We’re going to watch War, Inc. Because John and Joan Cusack making dark war comedies is something we’ve got to see.

In other news – today I was again needled. Holy megolit. I now take the position of “this makes a huge difference”. A side effect – over the past few weeks, I’ve really been feeling all over sore and a little stiff. The physio today explained it to me: when you’ve depended on your locked muscles for a really long time to hold you up, then everything else is a little weak. So just being alive is exercise.


But when I stretch my lower back now, it actually stretches. I was freezing up in blocks of muscles, and now they’re moving back to being individual muscles.

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