The last two weeks of being 34 (part two)


So… Wednesday.

Wednesday is sorta interesting at work. Click here for the latest scuttlebutt. Saw some people go at my location go who were a bit of a surprise, and a few that certainly weren’t. Bittersweet, in some ways. It’s a transition year (the XBox360’s early release and the flexible release date of the Playstation3 lead the general public into a “wait and see” mode, which hurts publishers like EA), so it’s understandable. We saw graphs that show what happened when the XBox and PS2 came out, so it’s not like we should be completely shocked. Anyhoo, enough about that.

Thursday. Afrika Bambaataa at Atlantis

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This old thing? I just threw this on…


Via BoingBoing, there’s this monstrosity

Fall 2006 Ready-to-Wear
Listed as “Ready to Wear

I don’t think ANYONE’s ready to just put this on and walk out their front door (or maybe off their roof).

No wait, I take that back. Maybe Toren might be able to put something like this on and go somewhere ten minutes later.

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Repost of a comment I made on a friend’s blog…

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This was in response to a friend’s question about whether or not they were depressed (or just having a hard time, what?).

Names have been changed to protect the innocent.

I’m hearing ya. I was going to suggest (again) that you apply here at Mole Hill (They have “market” and “assisted” pricing for a suite in one of these heritage homes, and having a friend who’s already “in” really helps. Oh, and did I mention that a single parent with a child gets a two-bedroom, according to the rules?) but then you mentioned in that you can’t move away from E’s preschool and N’s parents.

I think it’s totally valid that you’re depressed, and feeling like it’s really freakin’ hard to clean the house (or get outta bed in the morning). Know what? It is.

The fact that you *do* do these things so often, and yet still have time to be interested and engaged in life (and love) in any capacity speaks volumes toward your ability to overcome what life keeps throwing at you. (know what else? life keeps taking a pee in your turtle pool, too)

I don’t think I’m talking out my butt when I say that everyone reading your post is trying to figure out how they can help in some way or another. Not just go “ra-ra” from the sidelines, but actually get in there and kick the ball too (or at least submarine a defensive player or two). Make sure you let us know when there’s things you could use. Don’t let yourself think for a moment that any one of us wouldn’t jump at the chance to do something to help out.

When A went through a period of feeling completely overwhelmed, and feeling like she was just having it all be too much, I got out a piece of paper and started doing “Good/Bad” lists with her. All the basics were there: Time, Money, Kids, Cleaning, Shopping, Friends, Work, Family, etc, and it was pretty easy to figure out what kinds of things went into each column, but the simple act of writing all that shit DOWN made her realise that she wasn’t being unreasonable about feeling overwhelmed.

Her life *was* overwhelming.

Still is.

But I’ll be damned if writing some of that shit down didn’t help her to see that it was okay to feel overwhelmed.

The Super-Soccer Moms out there who work full time *and* clean the house *and* have dinner parties *and* take pole-dancing classes in their spare time (what spare time) are all (I’m pretty sure) faking the funk somewhere in their life. I could be wrong, they might all be just idiotically energetic and overly-healthy people who also like to build cars out of macrame in their spare time. I doubt it though. I’m thinking a lot of them step out of their Escalade in the underground parking and wrangle their $800 stroller into the elevator of their highrise and think “Holy Mother of JEEBUS do I need a drink.”

…and the next morning, they shit on the little club kid at Starbucks who forgot to put CAROB sprinkles on their extra-non-low-whip-spang-enfeebled-mocha-chip-a-crack-a-freakin’-ccino, instead of chocolate.

So… yeah. Life’s hard. Need help?

“A” says that depression *is* picking on yourself and doubting your own abilities. It’s a cycle: You feel bad about feeling bad which makes you feel bad…

She also says there’s a book called “Feeling Good,” that totally helped her. I’ll pray to the bookcase gods and see if it falls on my head, and send it your way.

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Wanna see all the hairs on my arms stand up?

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Funky multiple-point touch screen goodness.
(don’t try the video unless you’ve got high speed, I’m guessing)
There’s needs to be a long way to write “dope” so it sounds like “duuuuuude.”

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…okay, so the upgrade to WordPress 2.0.1 is completed. Not without some seriously freaky stuff happening first.

Not all of the plugins work, but hey, made it through this time, without having to re-re-re-import everything.

If you wanna see what I ran into, you can see the thread on the issue I had here

[Edit: I must be getting better at this, ’cause I just upgraded Arwen’s too, and that wasn’t NEARLY as painful].

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Tick tick tick ba-

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Going to try upgrading to the new and improved WordPress again tonight. Hold on to your tinfoil hats, kids.

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Out to Whiterock for a day.


We took a CanCar and went out to Whiterock to visit Grampa Brian and Gramma Donna

We all had a pretty good time, I think, and it was good to see Jason and Vicky (and their partners, Shannon & Ted).

We went down to the beach area and wandered out to the end of the pier (my dad, Ripley, and Donna)…

Ripley went digging for buried treasure…

…and Tate took over duties as “The Ovulator.”

…and now, after watching some Olympics on CBC and some sorta stress-inducing chocolate challange thing on the Food Network, I’m going to make some coffee…

Peace out, folks.

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And no, it’s not for anything rude.

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Someone here at work is looking for a directable female voice actor, who can “speak Mexican.” The right voice is more important that experience.

Anyone? It’s gotta be soon like, probably tomorrow.

Let me know via comment at my blog (or email/IM me, if you have that information handy).

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The only thing missing was “If you don’t like Scott, check this box.”


Bit of a mutiny at Blenz Robson (I’m assuming it’s the one at Bute & Robson, but I don’t know for sure).

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The last two weeks of being 34 (part one)

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Let’s start at the beginning of this week:

Monday night.

Mad Professor with Aisha at Richard’s on Richards, 8pm.
I thought I was going to an “early/short” show (Doors at 8? Who goes to a club on a Monday at 8pm?) and turned out that I was going to a “full meal deal” with that started at 10:30 on the dot. Wandered around outside for a bit, watched two young guys smoke pot (doesn’t matter how far away you get from other people, if you’re tokin’ people a block away know about it), and talked to the second person in the “will call” line (an Asian lady with one of those little wool toques that makes me think about how itchy/sweaty wool would be on my scalp) who had an Australian accent and…

…wrap your head around that for a minute…
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