Data Transcriptions

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Data Transcriptions

Looks very cool.

An amalgamation of image and text parsed from the BBC’s live internet news service is algorithmically recombined into a semi-abstract visual array, which is then back-projected onto a suspended screen situated in the lowest well of the staircase. Beneath the screen, a surround sound system emanates a seemingly garbled newscast. On the ceilings, geometric abstract patterns are painted directly onto the surfaces. These images are visual translations of the equations responsible for creating the real-time audio/visual elements of the installation – scribed in a data-language that, like the fundamental components of the media itself, is opaque to human perception.

Sample Picture

None of which I understand, of course, but this is neat.

Posted on March 4th 2006 in General, Hardware, Places

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Posted on March 4th 2006 in General, Places
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