New Haircut!


New Haircut

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Crazy baby. Here’s a head’s up so you don’t walk right past me next time we meet for lunch/drinks somewhere.
Thanks to just “perfectly pushy” Denis (Daynee) at Enchante Hair by Design on Davie. I walked in there almost a year ago for my first cut after losing *most* of my length, and he took another 4 inches off (to get rid of the “Jack of Spades” thing I had going). This time, he said that he wanted to go really short, and that it’d make me look taller/younger/hotter.

After about four seconds, I said “You know what? Go for it. You know what you’re doing, and I sure don’t.”

Denis (who sometimes a little gruff, but only in the well-meaning way of a professional) got this huge grin on his face and said “I can really do what I want?”

45 minutes later, I feel like a whole new person (and think I look a little like this guy from CSI…)

The folks at work are going to poop themselves. Heehee. (more pics in my Flickr account)…

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I had to watch it, now so do you…



MUSIC (in order of appearance)
New Edition – Steve Arrington – Tim Feehan – Whitney Houston
Jon Burford – LaToya Jackson – Kimaya Koepke – Herb Alpert
Linda Stokes and Jackie Ball (of Magic Lady) – Steve Arrington
Toni Basil – Tim Feehan – Tata Vega – Andre and Sandra Crouch

and Introducing (in her First Rock Video)
First Lady Nancy Reagan

VIDEO Special Guest Appearances
Lyle Alzado – Kim FieldsDavid HasselhoffKareem Abdul Jabbar
Casey Kasem – Stacey Keach – David Kieth – Michele Lee
Daphne Maxwell – John Matuzak – Gerald McRaney
Jameson Parker – Nancy Reagan – Tim Reid – Arnold Schwarzeneggar
and the Goodyear Blimp

Claudia Wells
and Michael “Boogaloo Shrimp” Chambers (aka Turbo from Breakin’)

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Got an iPod, but not crazy ’bout iTunes? -> Yamipod

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Yamipod is Yet Another Manager for your iPod. I’ve seen a few managers out there, but this one seems to have it all, and it’s portable, so you can actually copy it onto your iPod itself. Available for Windows, OSX, and Linux.

I thought, “Yeah, right,” and downloaded the app to see what was what. It’s 12MB, so that’s not too huge. Opened it up without the ‘pod plugged in, and it told me to plug in my unit (hehe… he said “unit”).

…and it worked…

Just loaded up my library, and away it went.

There’s a column for Artist, one for Album, and a third for Playlists. Under that, the “raw” contents of my iPod, with the Title, Album, Artist, Length, Bitrate, Lyrics (?), Track#, and Size listed and sortable.

Oh, and it plays tracks too.

Now, I’ve got iTunes installed on this deck, but don’t know if that’s necessary or not. I’ll have to try it elsewhere, and see what happens.

Play tracks? Sure, with the built-in player. Aparently, yeah.

Copy tracks to the iPod? Yep. While playing audio? Uh-huh. Copy tracks OFF the iPod? That too. Synchronize your iPod with a directory somewhere (maybe called something crazy like, oh, I dunno “iPodBackup”)? Booya.

Here’s where it starts getting crazy: Download podcasts via RSS? Create/remove/edit your playlists? Submit those played tracks to Last.FM? Automatically remove duplicates? Yes!

Export yo-…

Never mind, just go get it, and flip the guy some Paypal bucks or something. This a beautiful piece of programming, (maybe the GUI could be a little prettier), and the ONE PERSON who wrote it deserves some kudo$.

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For those with Fear, who need a sidekick.


This was for a friend, and was a comment on their blog elsewhere, but since I had fun writing it, I’m posting it here, too:

I’ve always liked the line from one of the incarnations of Black Adder:

“I have no fear. I stuff icecubes down the SHIRT of fear.”

I think what you really need is one of those dancehall reggae guys to ramp you up before you head out for the day. He can say a whole bunch of really amazing shit that doesn’t make any sense (but sounds cool anyway) and then ends with “HEAR DISS!” right before you go out and do your thing.

Oh, and tell your fear it’s surrounded. If/when the shit starts flying, and fear looks like it’s gonna maybe win at the end of the movie *anyway*, I’ll be the TomWaits/KrisKristopherson character: holding a detonator in my teeth while tossing you two freshly loaded ’45s (silvered, of course, to go with your adamantium nails, don’t you know), and grinning like a damn fool.

I also suggest watching Trinity’s opening of the Matrix over and over and over again…

Just ’cause “FUCK YEAH!”

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Coldcut May 5th – Anyone Else Coming?

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Coldcut. If you don’t know. Go find out…

Maybe you don’t know them, but you maybe have heard of a weird little label called Ninjatune? They started it.

At the Commodore in Vancouver – should be a good show. (WAIT: If you have tickets for this show, it’s happening at Richards on Richards now, not the Commodore, but your ticket’s still good) Saw them a few years back at Sonar, and it was… jus’… wow.

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Dance Monkeys, Dance

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Ernest Cline (the guy who taught us that when something’s really REALLY cool, it’s Airwolf), has a nice little slideshow he’d like us to see:

Dance Monkeys, Dance <- click that to go see... Check it out.

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Reflective Meme

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20 years ago I…
1) was 15 (Grade 8 – bring on the breakdancing)
2) was listening to Art of Noise
3) was nearly 200lbs and 5’10”

10 years ago I…
1) met my future wife
2) was working at a law firm, and living in an apartment that got broken into… twice.
3) was drinking to the point of blackout (about once every two weeks)

5 years ago I…
1) was expecting our first kid
2) was working for an on-site support company, and eating way too much fast food
3) made my 2nd album

3 years ago I…
1) moved to my our new place in Mole Hill
2) started working at EA
3) was realizing I had no experience in being a manager/lead of any sort

1 year ago I…
1) was told I should apply for a management position (but I’m just a tech!)
2) was expecting our second kiddoo…
3) cut my hair (had been long for 13+ years)

So far this past year I…
1) have seen Mad Professor, Afrika Bambaataa, and (almost) Q-Bert
2) have started doing a podcast (but no music of my own yet)
3) starting reading the Fionivar Tapestries

Yesterday I…
1) worked
2) watched episode two of season two of Green Wing (the funniest thing on TV, ever… ever)
3) made my XP laptop look JUST like a Mac, because I could.

Today I…
1) made “breakfast sushi” consisting of rolls of tortilla with peanut butter, honey, and then sliced it, sushi-style
2) drank some coffee
3) fed baby #2 some banana stuff, which he made funny faces at (but seemed to enjoy)

Tomorrow I will…
1) take kid #1 to soccer “class”
2) go buy the cat crystals I forgot to pick up today
3) have a nap, at some point

In the next year I will…
1) get a better haircut
2) start working in Burnaby, maybe
3) make another album of music (hah…)

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Podcast: Unknown Origins #1


Here’s Johnny Vancouver and my first podcast *together*… actually in the same freakin’ ROOM, and stuff. 1hr 10mins (64MB) of music and talking and technical mishaps.
Download/play it here, or if you’ve got a thing that downloads Podcasts, just subscribe to our feed (the RSS link on the sidebar of my blog or click here)

I’ll put proper links in the playlist in a bit. Please comment and let us know what you think.

  • {TalkyBit}
    Akufen – Deck the Halls
    Dare – The Gorillaz
    Toasted Dub – Jack Dangers
    Fix Up, Look Sharp – Dizzy Rascalz
    Say That – Latyrix
    Sissy Strut – The Meters
    Think (About It) – Lynn Collins and the JB Allstars
    Live With Me – Massive Attack (f.
    Poems – Nearly God
    Brazil – Brazil Soundtrack
    Tonight Romanticize the Automobile – Hawksley Workman
    Black Tongue – Yeah Yeah Yeahs
    Tru Skool – Coldcut (f. Roots Manuva)
    Down By The Water – PJ Harvey
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Cracked headphones – at least I’m not alone…


So I got a pair of funky Logitech Wireless iPod Headphones (with remote on the ear), graciously given to me by a person at work (who knows someone from Logitech), and loved loved loved them. They felt good, they sounded great (and much lighter than my monstrous Koss UR30s).

Wore them during my daily commute to/from work (I walk for about 30min each way, which is just about right for the 2600 podcasts and the latest – or eldest – tunes in my library), and had them for about two weeks before I noticed that the fit didn’t seem quite as tight as when I got ’em. After wearing them for another day or two, I took a look at the neck band, and noticed a hairline crack on the inside of the band. This is what I saw:


Now, two weeks later, the crack has managed to migrate to the other side of the band, too, and now I’ve got headphones that would (if I were to wear them) literally be held on by the wires inside the neckband. Now, I’ve seen sport style headphones before, but the major difference seems to be that there’s no reinforcement on the back of the neck point, which would create the largest amount of stress on the plastic. I’m also guessing that these Logitech phones aren’t made with the most supple of plastic, which gives you a nice tight fit on the side of the head (for folks who are missing the top parts of their ears, I guess), but means that the majority of the stress in on a part of the headphones that has 1) no reinforcement and 2) no give.

I’ve been Googling some other folks to see what they think, and it looks like I’m really REALLY not alone in this.

I’ve also seen some interesting ways to work around the brittle plastic that makes the neckband of these things.

I’m thinking coat hanger, bent around to make the shape of the band, and then duct-tape/gluing them in place, or trying to disassemble them entirely, down to the earpoint, and essentially Frankensteining another (cheaper, more durable) neckband onto them.

Still, I LOVE the sound on them, but it’s just so sad to see them snap so easily after some fairly mundane use.

And besides, it was really fun to put ’em on Ripley and then use the iPod in my hand to essentially turn him into a remote-control dancin’ machine.

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CocoRosie and the Wind-Down…


I’ve been tasked with something sorta interesting by Arwen’s sister:

First, I’m going to do a nice wind-down on a track by CocoRosie (never heard of ’em, but the one track I’ve heard so far is kinda cool.

But here’s the thing: I’m looking for the sound of a music box being wound up, just the clanky, rachety noise of the crank being turned. I’ll start googling some of the sound effect sites, but if anyone’s got something they have (or could record), I’d be most appreciative.

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