Reflective Meme

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20 years ago I…
1) was 15 (Grade 8 – bring on the breakdancing)
2) was listening to Art of Noise
3) was nearly 200lbs and 5’10”

10 years ago I…
1) met my future wife
2) was working at a law firm, and living in an apartment that got broken into… twice.
3) was drinking to the point of blackout (about once every two weeks)

5 years ago I…
1) was expecting our first kid
2) was working for an on-site support company, and eating way too much fast food
3) made my 2nd album

3 years ago I…
1) moved to my our new place in Mole Hill
2) started working at EA
3) was realizing I had no experience in being a manager/lead of any sort

1 year ago I…
1) was told I should apply for a management position (but I’m just a tech!)
2) was expecting our second kiddoo…
3) cut my hair (had been long for 13+ years)

So far this past year I…
1) have seen Mad Professor, Afrika Bambaataa, and (almost) Q-Bert
2) have started doing a podcast (but no music of my own yet)
3) starting reading the Fionivar Tapestries

Yesterday I…
1) worked
2) watched episode two of season two of Green Wing (the funniest thing on TV, ever… ever)
3) made my XP laptop look JUST like a Mac, because I could.

Today I…
1) made “breakfast sushi” consisting of rolls of tortilla with peanut butter, honey, and then sliced it, sushi-style
2) drank some coffee
3) fed baby #2 some banana stuff, which he made funny faces at (but seemed to enjoy)

Tomorrow I will…
1) take kid #1 to soccer “class”
2) go buy the cat crystals I forgot to pick up today
3) have a nap, at some point

In the next year I will…
1) get a better haircut
2) start working in Burnaby, maybe
3) make another album of music (hah…)

Posted on April 22nd 2006 in General
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