For those with Fear, who need a sidekick.

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This was for a friend, and was a comment on their blog elsewhere, but since I had fun writing it, I’m posting it here, too:

I’ve always liked the line from one of the incarnations of Black Adder:

“I have no fear. I stuff icecubes down the SHIRT of fear.”

I think what you really need is one of those dancehall reggae guys to ramp you up before you head out for the day. He can say a whole bunch of really amazing shit that doesn’t make any sense (but sounds cool anyway) and then ends with “HEAR DISS!” right before you go out and do your thing.

Oh, and tell your fear it’s surrounded. If/when the shit starts flying, and fear looks like it’s gonna maybe win at the end of the movie *anyway*, I’ll be the TomWaits/KrisKristopherson character: holding a detonator in my teeth while tossing you two freshly loaded ’45s (silvered, of course, to go with your adamantium nails, don’t you know), and grinning like a damn fool.

I also suggest watching Trinity’s opening of the Matrix over and over and over again…

Just ’cause “FUCK YEAH!”

Posted on April 24th 2006 in General

5 Responses to “For those with Fear, who need a sidekick.”

  1. Deb Says:

    Thank you so much for that. I’d tell you I love you, but your wife might beat the shit outta me….

  2. Arwen Says:

    You ‘fraid of me, bizzle?

  3. Deb Says:

    I’m not afraid of you! Well maybe…….I just peed a little….

  4. Zen Render Says:

    [yoda] You *will* be… [/yoda]

  5. Nevimbor Nenth Thoo Nousand and Tine – Gecko Bloggle Says:

    […] That pseudo used IRL is attached to a pretty sad and painful time in my life, actually.  Didn’t really have much that I enjoyed as “John,” so I let Zen drive for a while.  Hurt less, I think, to be someone else while my scars healed.  The “Zen” of me wasn’t afraid to say and do things that were that half-step past my normal comfort zone.  Wasn’t afraid to call people on their shit, or worry a little less about what others were thinking, and say what *I* was thinking.  Wasn’t afraid to tell off a heartless ex-girlfriend on the phone instead of thinking how to get ex back all the time.  Just wasn’t (as) afraid of life.  Not a dark side, just a slightly less wounded side. […]

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