More name that tune tracks…

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As per my previous post, here’s some more tunes from this unknown Asian (?) artist.

Please ask around, and see if you can figure out who this might be.

Thanks in advance.

Unknown Track by Unknown Artist #2

and my personal fave (makes me think of Portishead’s Dummy album)

Unknown Track by Uknown Artist #6

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MMOMFP (Massive Multiplayer Online Magnetic Fridge Poetry)

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Via Downloadsquad, which has interesting stuff every day I check it.

Remember that thing where you could move the fridge letters around? Kinda like that, I suspect, but I haven’t seen it in action much yet, ’cause I’ve gotta get going to work now, instead of having an argument with Ripley about whether or not his miniwheats can be “dipped” in his cup of water…

Can today at work please just be moderately normal? Yesterday (and most of last week) was outta control…

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Go whiteboy…

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MC Squared

Very fast little beatboxer… Pretty good.

Most impressive: Him playing the Apollo (check the video link).

Crazy baby…

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Via Somechick

Go to wikipedia and put in your birth date. Don’t put in the year.

Post in your Blog with three events, two births, and two deaths and one holiday/observance in your
journal including the year (of the event, not your birth)

Februrary 17th:

# 1958 – Pope Pius XII declares Saint Clare of Assisi (1193~1253) the patron saint of television
# 1972 – Sales of the Volkswagen Beetle model exceed those of Ford Model-T.
# 1974 – Robert K. Preston, a disgruntled U.S. Army private, buzzes the White House with a stolen helicopter.

# 1962 – Lou Diamond Phillips, American actor
# 1971 – Denise Richards, American actress

# 1909 – Geronimo, Apache leader (b. 1829)
# 1982 – Thelonious Monk, American jazz pianist (b. 1917)

# World Cabbage Day

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I finally get to talk about it…


Battlefield 2142 has been announced. < - Click for trailer. Yes, it's cool. Yes, I've played it. No, you can't. (yet) Official announcement can be found here.

FlOw flash-based browser game…

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FlOw is a very mellow and relaxed sort of “eat what’s smaller than you” kinda game, and even though I generally hate these sorts of games, I found this one really soothing and sort of hypnotic.

FlOw Flash-based game target=”none”

Takes about 30 seconds to figure out what’s going on (holding down the mouse button makes you move faster), and about 15-20 minutes to play through to the bottom (no, there’s no giant boss at the end), and I’m told by a friend there’s something very similar for Nintendo DS, but hey.

Free’s good, and so’s pretty… Headphones/speakers add to the effect (and could just about put you to sleep).

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