CanBlogAwards? Why was I nominated? Oh, ’cause I’m a tech blog (allegedly).

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Canadian Blog Awards

Put that under your mouse and click it.

It was recently pointed out to me that I’d been nominated for the Canadian Blog Awards in the category of Best Sci/Tech Blog. I asked aloud why this was the case, I was reminded of a few of the geekier things I’ve posted about in the last… while or so…

Let’s recap a little (ooh, ooh, a clip show!):

We’ve got programs that makes phones call other phones, taxidermied robotic owls, optical mice and turntables *do* mix, iPods minus the iTunes, awesome bluetooth iPod remote headphones that crack in half three weeks after you get ’em, elderteapots and yell-controlled blenders (both in one post, too!), sites you don’t click on, network drive mapping problems (my MOST popular post ever, sadly), video/audio fragmentation performances, wicked-looking games that never actually get launched ever, me writing about DNS and Active Directory the way some blogs write about food, Google putting yoni in my bible pocket, going on an absolute TEAR regarding LG’s marketing video made in 2001, commenting on Boogaloo Shrimp (from Breakin’ and Breakin2 – Electric Boogaloo) and then having HIM SHOW UP in the comments on my very own blog, hassling the guy who put Princess Leia in the GoldBikini (it’s okay, I work with him), finding secret messages regarding a certain digital audio format in my can of Edwards coffee, our cat smuggling LEDs in her ocular cavities, guys playing a cover of “Total Eclipse of the Heart” while ruining a number of kitchen appliances, fighting with a whole bunch of people online over who gets to spell what with fridge letters, insane robofish, the Rohypnol version of “Who’s On First?”, carrying a midget around as a cryptographic tool, and who could forget “Why a deep focus in my temporal lobe makes me hate Kirk Cameron in specific, and religious zealots in general.”

So, yeah… It’s been a long and weird trip these last three years…

Thanks to whomever nominated me, it’s nice to be reminded why I write any of this stuff down…

Posted on November 16th 2006 in General, Hardware, Music, People, Places, Software

One Response to “CanBlogAwards? Why was I nominated? Oh, ’cause I’m a tech blog (allegedly).”

  1. Zen Render Says:

    Oh yeah, I came in 3rd. Thanks for everyone who voted. Maybe if I remember to post once in a while, I’ll run again in 2009.

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