Windows Live Writer Test 2 (Electric Oops-Undo)


I’m running into an autosave bug that acts more like a “save and revert” of some sort.  It’s BRUTAL to be typing for five minutes, rest for a second to think about what you want to say next, and then watch it clobber most of the last paragraph and replace it with some earlier text.

I was doing a little post just now, to give it another chance, and it LOST THE POST I was typing, even though it seemed to think everything was just peachy.  Ctrl-Z to undo?  It put back the last word I had deleted.


I think I’ll stick to wBloggar for now.

Also, I found A Softer World via Karlababble:


Posted on June 1st 2007 in General, Hardware, Places

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Posted on June 1st 2007 in General
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