28: Six Hundredth Post? Srsly?

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This is my 600th post on this incarnation of this blog.  I had another one at Blogger for a while, and I think I have them somewhere, I’ll have to make sure they’re back in my archives.  Maybe another 15 posts or so.  Elissa is over for our quad-weekly visit and Pimms-fest.  Booze-amahol is inherent in this post.

Today my brain kinda went into neutral at work.  I got stuff done, honest.  I got to order a bunch of something that I would normally have shot down, or suspected isn’t really necessary, which translates to “I’m worried they’ll become toys.”  It’s that enough of a sort of purchase that the person at the vendor said “Oh, are these gifts for people at work, like a giveaway?”

I feel like putting stickers on them when they arrive that say “No having fun with this.”  I’m such a grump sometimes.  I’m a hardware junkie like the best of them, but sometimes I feel like people want things because it’ll be fun to have them.  Not because they’re needed for business purposes, but because they’re cool.


I’m not saying that’s why these things were being requested, I’m saying that’s often what I suspect as a first reaction when people ask for things.  I find myself saying (to people in my department, not to the end user) “What the heck do they need THAT for?  Stocking stuffers?”  I wonder if my inner techie Grumpy Old Man thinks people should all use super-serious-looking computers that aren’t in flashy colours, and don’t have well-crafted chrome corners and stuff.

What else?  Today seemed short.  I woke up, got the kids dressed, trundled Tate off to Preschool even though he didn’t really think he wanted to go (he’s still on the mend, but happier about life).  A very wet ride to work (it’s only 1.5km away, but my clothes were all soaked through), thank goodness I had “riding gear” from my mom by way of MEC, so I didn’t have to hang my jeans on the back of a monitor to dry.  Ordered things.  Met with people.  Figure out what next week is going to look like (the big boss is back in the office, so we’re “on” for next week to see if some of the big changes we’re doing are going to be worth it).

Got home, had (too much) Greek food (hunk of meat with rice and potatoes), cleaned the house a bit while Arwen crashed out for a bit, and then Arwen woke me up from a nap when the kids were heading to bed.  Felt kinda puttery, wandering around the house and moving things in a very Arthur Dent (from HitchHiker’s Guide To the Galaxy) sort of way.  I probably would have seemed just about right with a bathrobe on.

In online music news, Seeqpod is still moderately awesome (but more and more ads are showing up), MixTurtle seems to be GONE in a puff of (I can only assume) legal logic, and SoundFlavor looks interesting, if a little video-centric for my taste.

And that’s uh, I guess that’s it.

Have a great weekend everyone.  The kids are going to gramma’s house tomorrow for a sleepover, so Arwen and I are probably to make a champagne flute sculpture and leave it in the middle of the coffee table, because we CAN, and go Christmas present shopping.  We spent 10 minutes the other night saying “Cars-moos-shoppeen” and giggling, which either means we’re looking forward to shopping, or we’re going to Freak Out and buy something Other than a Nintendo Wii.

So wish us luck.

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