Putting my brain of shuffle, and seeing what comes out.


…and so it begins, pictures of my attempt to grow a moustache in order to make people ask me what the hell I’m growing on my face more aware of cancers of the groinular region, there.  There’s a link above that says Mo’09 or something, so you can keep checking there to see how silly I end up lookin’ by the end of the month.

I also would like to point out that all of my blog posts, because I imported them from blogspot (or was it Blogger.com? or are they the same place?) and so the first couple of posts had numbers that were the unique numbers in ALL OF BLOGGERDOM (Dom dom dom) and ever since them, my blogging engine has been dutifully attempting to maintain some form of composure, while not having anything approaching a reasonable number in the PostID field.

So no, I have not written up 87 million posts and only posted 700 or so, just in case you were wondering where my Neal Stephenson-like ubertome of unpublished blog posts went.

Today I wadded up some obtainium and got ahold of yet another freakin’ digital DJ application, this one’s called Deckadance, and it looks pretty slick.  I played with it for about ten minutes in between playing with kids, and being co-host to Gen & Ryan and their kids, and I gotta say, considering I was totally not paying attention, and hadn’t read any documentation, I was able to beatmatch two tracks that were 15bpm apart.  Considering I have a grand total of about two hours on dual cd decks under the kind tutelage of DJ Jesse Proudfoot, and maaaaaybe a half-hour of fiddling around with a timecoded record on my real, actual, honest-to-goodness TURNTABLE to see if I could make a free turntable controller (I can, go Intertubes)… considering that total lack of experience, I could make two songs that play together at the same time without sounding like someone put some sneakers in the dryer.

Looks like I’ll finally get to do the mix I’ve been rolling around in my head for the last six months or so.  Something that I might actually put up there on the podcast site, or something, as a “Housecleaning Mix.”  I’m looking forward to doing the slightly more glossy version of ye olde Mixed fTappe.

Speaking of mix tapes, there’s one in the stereo (for the kids at home, a stereo is an iPod-less non-mobile audio entertainment center, as used by old people and young hipsters) here in the living room, and the four adults in the room spent a couple moments here and there trying to figure out when the tape was made, based on the most-recent song we could find.  Our guess was that it was some time in 93/94, and I’m pretty sure I made it from My Uncle Bill’s collection, but don’t quote me on that.

On the ride home today (on the bus as my bike’s still in a state of hoopage, because I haven’t taken the time to put in one of my TWO backup inner tubes), I listened to CBC’s “As It Happens” from the previous day, and realized that I’ve been missing having a radio, like an actual thing (not an “app”) that can play “over the air” audio, with zero lag and no usage fees or coverage issues.

What a concept, huh?

In other news, Canada’s “On Notice” according to Stephen Colbert.  Sorry, Canadian Iceholes.  Obviously Amercanian people are going to be utterly baffled when NBC gets up here and there’s no igloos (remember to explain to our friends to the South – we pronounce it EYE-GLEW), and your Starbucks coffee cup doesn’t freeze solid (and then fricken’ EXPLODE) the second they step off the plane.  Remember, ‘mercans: 15 here isn’t like 15 there.  Normal room temp (at least in offices) is about 21 or so.  ZERO is freezing here.  30 is freaky hot for Vancouver.

annnnnnnd my brain’s done.

If you’re actually at my blog, below should be a YouTube video of a slow loris being tickled.  Sure they’re poisonous, but holy GEEZ they’re cute. If you can’t see it for some reason, go look it up at YouTube, ’cause everyone should see what really REALLY happy looks like from time to time.

Posted on November 5th 2009 in General
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