Sleep. Lunch. Cleaning. Laundry. Dinner. Laundry. Baths. Laundry. Bed.

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Sometimes the day is pretty straight-forward.  I’m not complaining.  Just saying.  Sometimes our job is just to do our jobs.  Was up late last night, but not too late.  Slept until a reasonable time, and then slept until an unreasonable time, which was nice but left that guilty hangover “I missed half the day” feeling. 

There was lots to do today, but since I’d decided some time in the middle of the week that this was how I was going to spend my Sunday, it felt good to be a homebody.  I spend so much time in transit and at work, or running around doing the stuff that requires a car and driver that I enjoy a day at home doing the stuff that needs doing.  I was also happy that Arwen was able to just relax and let me do stuff while she relaxed a bit before heading out for a dinner with her writerly friends.

I spent a good hour just helping Tate and Ripley clean Tate’s room, and then the kids were more interested in dancing to the music of stuff I’d made on what we used to call an “Audio Cassette Recorder” than cleaning, so I bailed out instead of fighting them against having fun.  Remember when mixtapes were things people did, instead of the audio resume of an up and coming DJ?  Remember getting those things as birthday or xmas presents?  Or maybe a gift from a secret admirer in highschool?  (Okay, I don’t think I ever did that last one while in school, nor did I receive one).  I did some weird shit when I was a young teen, but not that.

Oh hey, fixed my back tire today.  With a patch kit and everything.  Took about fifteen minutes, total.  I took the kevlar tubing thing out ’cause it didn’t seem to help last time, and where the hole was might have actually been caused by the pinching of the wrapped kevlar, so… I pulled out my itty bitty patch kit that I have strapped under my seat and was good to go after walking over to the gas station to get some decent pressure.  I have a pump, but the flip clip on it leaks now, ’cause the pin goes on a little angle which then leaks air back out once I get to about… oh, maybe 1/2 pressure.  Need a new pump, it seems.

Have to lay out my cycling clothes for tomorrow after Saving Private Ryan is over, to avoid that “stumbling around in the fog” feeling I get when I try to prep for work and I’m not quite awake.  Leads to me leaving the house three times because I forgot my water/keys/helmet and have to come back in for a minute to find it.

Also need to re-ziptie my “big” light (one of those flashlights the size of a roll of quarters with about a dozen LEDs in it) to my helmet, ’cause that’s my headlight when the sun’s not up yet (or down already).  Hope tomorrow doesn’t rain.

Let’s see if my legs have totally atrophied during my week of bikelessness.

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Got nothing for you tonight.

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I’m tired today, even though I slept through most of Spy Kids 2 this afternoon.

Spent two hours doing groceries, watched a movie, and then we went to Ikea for wandering (whoops, $100) and dinner before coming back, putting the kids to bed, and hanging with the beautiful and talented MoxieSnacks.

Today blew by.  Pweroom.  Zorp.  Flurm.  Ka-done.

Wide angle lenses do weird things to my eyes (and/or glasses)

Wide angle lenses do weird things to my eyes (and/or glasses)

Oh, and I’m starting to get the moustache that I’m going to be coping with for the next three and a bit weeks.  (See photo, attached).

(Right now, Arwen and Moxie are talking about holding their breath while underwater, and so they’re closing the backs of their throats and talking, leaving them sounding like Edith Anne from Saturday Night Live, or perhaps the Professor from the Simpsons, who’s actually Jerry Lewis.  So, to recap: the two women in my living room right now are doing Jerry Lewis impressions.)

Oh holy shit.  My blog.  The main page blog (I should probably pull that, since I’m not looking for work from the outside world), and the Podcast site were all GONE for the last 15 minutes.  The blogs were still there, but they were all asking me to enter the name of the blog, and my email address.  Total amnesia.  The good folks at Fused Network are freakishly awesome and fixed it up and I’m back.  I’m sure I’ll get a thing about my ticket in a bit, if I don’t close it first.

But first, I’m going to go back up the databases on all six of the blogs on this domain…  Just. In. Case.  *cough*

In music news, I’m nervously excited that Massive Attack has a new album coming out soon, and last night, without really trying, I managed to lock down some pretty tight beats using Torq and it was embarrassingly easy.  Maybe I’ll have to get one of them thar Torq Xponent things next time I have… oh… hmm… $750… whoops.  Maybe if/when I see one on Craigslist some time.  One day.

But yeah, “Housecleaning Mix” should be something doable in the next few weeks, for sure.

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