Oh, has it been three days already?

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Life and all that good stuff seems to have pre-empted (is there a “post-empted”) me posting.  I guess that happens to about 50% of the NaBloPoMo types.  If we were the sort of people who could easily make themselves post every day, they wouldn’t need to make a special month for posting every day.

One of the things I did was quit the board at Mole Hill.  It’s been a really ugly two years that I’ve been on the board, and Arwen had a year or so before that, so it hasn’t really sunk in that I’m not going to run in this year’s AGM again.  So much stress.  It’ll be a bit before I can really see the place for what it was.  There’s a little of the community left there, but not much, thanks to some folks who were willing to throw people into the frying pan instead of admit that maybe they’d slipped up.

Last night was fun, ’cause the kids were at Grandma Beth’s place, so Arwen and I went out to Richmond to see Pirate Radio, which was pretty good, and had some beautifully charming moments, but overall was a bit of a letdown due to some tokenism (there was one woman on the floating station, and she was only allowed because she was a lesbian who cooked, and there was one black guy, who only had black women interested in him, it seemed).  A large chunk of the movie’s plot was based on our young protagonist losing his virginity, but it was all in this sorta weird “let’s find a girl and put her in the same room with you for five minutes, and you’ll be all set,” including a attempted setup of turning off all the lights and trying to swap sex partners before the girl notices (literally: “by the time she notices, it’ll be too late.”)

What. The. Fuck?

I know it’s 1966, but… what?

It’s right up there with the Sixteen Candles “Here have my girlfriend, she’s so drunk she won’t notice it’s not me, and then I can break up with her for cheating on me” plot point:

Jake makes a deal with Ted: If Ted lets Jake keep Sam’s panties, then he will let Ted drive home his inebriated, stuck-up, prom queen girlfriend, Carolyn Mulford (Haviland Morris), in Jake’s father’s Rolls Royce. Jake later uses the excuse of finding them together to break up with Carolyn (who had surprisingly fallen for Ted, and thus doesn’t mind the break-up very much).

Okay, so now tonight, we’re watching All Dogs Go To Heaven, and after noticing that the voice of the little girl is the same as the voice for Ducky in Land Before Time, I sorta-kinda watched this movie, and once again have been wondering what’s up with children’s movies having these weird moments of sexualization of little kids.  There’s a little orphan girl running around in a short dress and leggings for most of the movie, but during a montage of buying her a new outfit, she does a spin and kicks the back of her dress up, showing her underwear, and then the main character (a dog) howls.  A full-on “arooOOOooo…”

Um.  What?

There are/were some really freakin’ disturbed individuals working at some of those animation houses, I think.  Either that, or they decided that because it was Burt Reynolds doing the voicing, they needed to show that he’s attracted to little girls?

Hm.  Nope, that doesn’t make any sense, either.

Oh, and off-topic, but why would they let Reynolds sing (and I use the term loosely).

Heh, first time I typed that, I typed “uselessly” instead of “loosely.”

Also, what’s up with Dom DeLuise having to be in everything Reynolds is in?  Is it a family thing, like John and Joan Cusack?

Today was pretty good, relaxed.  Low-key.  I’m not on the emergency call number any more, after two weeks of being on, so it’s nice not to get calls at 2am asking about emergencies that I can’t really help with.  Shows me what sort of things I need to learn more about, and to understand about the two other sites of the company I work for.

So yeah, nothing to say today, ’cause it’s a rainy Sunday, I’m slightly hung over from drinking wine while playing our newly-purchased Beatles Rock Band, and I haven’t really been doing anything today…

Further news as events warrant.

Posted on November 15th 2009 in General
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