Monday, where’d ya go?

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Wake. Work. Food. Clean. CDW5. Kids to bed. TV. Tea. Here.


Remember when Avril Lavigne was a singer?  At least, that was her listed profession?  When will she get back to that, instead of doing dippy digital camera ads.

While we’re at it, can all the comedians who are still doing the “I hate my wife” routines?  Just. Leave. Her.  It’s not funny.  Move on.  It’s 2009, and that stuff stopped being funny right after it stopped being shocking that not all couples are happy.  Shortly before television started broadcasting in colour.

Tonight, I’m going to play with Google Wave, ’cause I don’t get it yet.

That’s all I have to say about that.

I want the sun to come back now.  I wanna start cycling again.

Also, Facebook on my Blackberry has lost its tiny mind.  It’s sorta funny to watch.  Reminds me of when Tate used to start telling a story and then get lost in the weeds and have to finish with “I don’t know what I’m talking about.”

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Sunday in point form

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  • Up at 7:00am… well, to be honest, up at 7:07, 7:15, 7:23, and finally up and out of bed at 7:30
  • Finished reading a short story by Stephen King last night about a guy who has OCD because he’s guarding the world from destruction, and because I always read in bed right before falling asleep, it took me a few nights to get through the story, and every night I’d take about a page to remember what the story was about.
  • Went to Quaker meeting today.  Sat in silence for 45 minutes with a group of people who are also sitting and thinking (or not thinking) about whatever comes to them.  Sometimes people talk about what they’re thinking, but mostly it’s just silence.  It’s interesting, can be meditative, but can also be surprisingly… what is it?  Apt.  Apropos. From outta nowhere, yet outta somewhere.  I described it today as hearing a song you don’t quite know, and when the 3rd verse starts, having someone else say that first word, and suddenly you’re clicking into it too.  Interesting.  No pressure.  Very little “Lord Christ Jesus” vibe.  Very unlike my experiences in Chilliwack.
  • Lunch at WhiteSpot,with Pirate Packs for the kids, and theywere out of something for the sundaes, so they used Gummy Penguins instead.  Awesome.
  • Saw “500 Days of Summer” tonight.  It was good.  Quite good.  Sweet.  I felt like I’ve come a long way baby when I could see the point when the “boy” in this boys-meets-girl movie makes the mistake of asking her where they were going in the relationship, but does NOT say specifically why he wants to know.  What it is exactly that he’s afraid of.  20 years ago, I would have equated this guy with Ducky and thought “girl” was being deeply unfair, and that he was doing everything right.  Now, I see him pushing.  Interesting.
  • Totally unrelated, but why does the Media-Center thing that pushes data to my XBox360 have more problems and worse performance than the 3rd party Vuze/Azureus, which is a torrent download/search client?  It’s open source, so you’d think Microsoft could figure out what Vuze does right, and do THAT.
  • Tonight, we had home-made caramel corn for dinner.  With grapes, to there was nutrition in there.  Peanuts in the popcorn count too, right?
  • 1am, my Blackberry’s freaking out, ’cause every system starts yammering about what kinda day it had.  Bing bing bing bing (go to bed).
  • Night all.
  • Today’s pic is on the Movember (Mo’09) page.  Go look, and donate a few bucks, if you have ’em.  I don’t think the stache is gonna get any better though, sadly.  I think Emma’s comment wins, but mostly ’cause I think it’s the ONLY comment.
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