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Helped Jonny Vancouver moved yesterday, but he was so planned that I was 30 mins late to get to his place to help load the truck, and he was already gone by the time I got there.  Now THAT is fast.  Many many years ago I moved out of a place on Pacific, but I was such a packrat I had WAY too much stuff, hadn’t thrown out enough, and hadnt packed in a reasonable way (too few boxes that were too big).  The fact that Arwen didn’t leave me during that move is just further proof that uh, that she… uh… that I…

Yeah, I’m just really REALLY lucky she didn’t leave my ass that day.

Tate and I went out to the mall together, which I was happy to do, ’cause he and I rarely get time to hang out just the two of us.  Funny, too, to find out that half of the stuff that Tate and I did that *I* thought was new stuff for him was stuff that he does every time he goes to the mall.

Tonight we’re we had dinner with Crankenflaire, which was nice, ’cause we get our collective acts together about once every two years to have a meal and conversation together.  Fun.

One more day of this moustache, and good, ’cause I’m about done with the vaguely distinguished biker look.

Posted on November 30th 2009 in General
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