NaBloPoMovember: Day 1


[Long rambling whatsit going on here, either spin on, or grab a snack for the ride].

Hey, so here we aaaaaaaaaare.

Been a long damned time, and there’s a whole bunch of stuff to cover, so I’ma just jump right on in.

I have a new job since the last time I blogged, which is kinda pathetic (the blogging is, not the job – the job’s good).  In late July, I finally moved to a group that’d been forming like a storm cloud for a while.  Lots of lightning and thunder, and that crazy warm wind that runs parallel to the ground, and makes you feel like you could make conduct the storm if you thought about it too hard.  That fantastic moment when you’ve seen the lightning hit, but haven’t heard the Earth-shattering (tree-shattering, more like) ka-freakin’ BOOM as the air closes in around that flash.

That lightning strike was a new organization starting up.  Couldn’t talk about it for a long darn time.  Still can’t talk about much of it, which is the nature of the game, I’m afraid.  I’ll give you as much detail as I think I can safely get away with (without boring you to death, or having to fear for my job).

  • I work for an organization.  Aside from the three founders, I was (as far as I know) the first employee.
  • Which bought a number of stocks in a small 2D-to-3D film conversion company in May of this year.
    • Which had been lying dormant for almost a year.  Which was about three months before Avatar came out, and everyone freaked out about 3D movies. Which had done ten years of research into the process of doing really excellent 3D conversion.  On previously-existing, finalized DVD footage. In a lab environment. Without access to any of Hollywood.
  • Who see this company as the first of many.

We turned the lights back on and fired up some gear to see what was (or wasn’t) still operational.  Lots of the gear was broken, lots of it had been erased, and lots of it was just. plain. gone.  People hadn’t received last paycheques, hurt feelings, ten years blood sweat tears, blame-storming, etc…  You get the idea.  I know what that can be like, I’ve been on that end of the stick.  Some of those folks came back to help reboot.  Some of them are in the wings, helping out, and some of them are off trying to use the same technology under the same company name even though they don’t ow-…  let’s not get into that.

So we did a test for “Studio” of a bunch of shots.  A bake-off.  Seems our output was good, ’cause our front doors were suddenly rattling with work for a different film that will be in theatres in a month or so (which is good, ’cause that means we did something people will see soon, instead of waiting for the bake-off film to hit theatres in almost a year).  We finished our work on Friday/Monday for First Paid Gig, and have the smallest amount of time to re-rig things before the next “twice as large as the last one” job begins.  We’ve got a lot of work to do this week, so I’m hoping I’m at least somewhat coherent while getting this stuff done.

When I was working at previous company, people would ask me what I thought of the “new job,” and I’d say “It’s uh… it’s okay….” and make noises about how I was still trying to figure out where exactly I fit in, how they were planning on using me, etc.  I think my main problem there was that I didn’t actually know why they’d hired me, other than I had a lot of experience getting Windows XP machines to do what I told them in a large-scale due to my days at EA working with/under/around the Mighty Mighty Jan Chojnacki (Dr. Device to those of you on B3ta).  Mostly, I was someone who would say, over and over and over “That’s not scalable” whenever someone started talking about a way to throw people at a technical problem.  Scheduled 10hr work days?  Weekends scheduled?  On call 24/7?  Some of the users didn’t know the first freakin’ THING about using computers for business?  Friends of the family being promoted instead of let go, even though they were proven again and again to be ineffective in their jobs?

All I can think about is this when I hear that particular solution to technical issues

Mario Savio \”Machine Speech\”

(embedding does evil stuff to my formatting, I guess.  Like even more evil than my currently selected theme on any given day).

So, while it’s true there was New Company courting me from afar, there’s no way I would have Old Job when I did (and how I did) unless things were getting progressively worse, with no light at the end of the tunnel.

New Job is better though.  Much better.

Scary though, ’cause I’m the IT Manager, and thereby de-facto IT Director one day, assuming I can get my act together enough to have an IT Manager work under me.  I’ve had some great managers (and some truly unfunny wanna-be managers) over the years, and I can honestly say I’m looking forward to whatever I’ve gotten myself into.

Now I need to go and help fold laundry instead of rambling into the hintertubes, ’cause it’s literally piled up high enough to block the TV, and that’s just not okay.

Upcoming: Movember, New Bicycle, Screaming At the Children, Road Warriors, Office2010, Waffle Omlettes, and of course, Reanimating “Dead” Digital Cameras.

PS: Everyone say a silent prayer for my old IRC buddy Nemo, who’s working behind the scenes at NBC on the day of the Election.  Speaking of throwing people into machines.

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And so it begins (again).

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Two different things launch for me today.

1. Movember. I’ll post more information about that soon.
2. NaBloPoMo (Nation Blog Post Month) posting every day.

No, this doesn’t count for #2 (I think, no, that’d be silly).

Posted on November 1st 2010 in General
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