NaBloPoMovember: Day 3


Freaky gorgeous sunrise this morning.

Listened to William Gibson’s Zero History on the way in.  As always, some truly excellent writing.  The moustache isn’t really worth posting pictures of yet, but it’s getting there.  By the weekend, I’ll have something approaching photo-worthy.

Didn’t go bicycle shopping today ’cause the place closes at six, and I couldn’t get out the door today until 5:45.

Is it wrong to somewhat enjoy that there’s now three people trying to get what I was trying to get done, and very VERY little of it has actually happened so far?  I mean, that’s kinda messed up, right?  I should be fretting, or at least stressed.

Well, to be fair, there is that right-eye tic I’ve had since… uh… August-ish?  Gotta see a Doctor about that.  And my finger.  And get my eyes checked, ’cause maybe it’s that causing my eye tic, right?  Could just be that.

Let’s talk about dead hardware for a bit here, shall we?  I’m the sort of person who likes to takes things apart, and then put them back together again.  I like to see what’s in there, y’know?  I know what the CCD on a digital camera looks like.  I’ve also pulled a number of small audio recorders look like.  I know what the inside of a number of game consoles look like, and I also, for a guy with what I tend to think of as meat mitts, I actually have some pretty excellent fine-motor control.  Arwen and I once made one of these

This is a special message from my wife, who’s lying on the floor next to me stretch her back:

brfde4fefg6hyujiollfvsjc4;,][‘.76r.7/rc/dcsxs (and then she manaed to hit the power button and make my laptop snooze).

Go-go gadget pattern recognition!

  • Birthday (obviously)
  • fefg (6567 which spells Jilo)
  • 6hyujio (which is actually how one pronounces “Jilo”)
  • Llfvsjc4 has been playing the finest in Icelandic StroopWaffle-Bass Down Tempo
  • Yeah, no, I’m done.

Hey, can I do this at work some time?

Kids In the Hall: I Speak No English

Oh, hey, wanna hear something slightly gross?  (might wanna skip this last paragraph if you don’t)  My middle finger on my left hand was slammed in a doorjam (doorjamb? why do I think there should be a “b” in there? Am I thinking “jambon?”) about a month ago, and while I didn’t break it, it’s like I “popped” my nail.  Never heard of that happening before.  I know someone who slammed their thumb in a bottle-capping machine, someone else who caught their finger in an escalator (as a kid), and while the first made their fingernail turn black, and the second has this permanently cool “racing stripe” in it, neither ended up with a two-layered nail like mine.  It was so weird, and now it’s kinda… bumpy.  I just finally attacked it the other night with some clippers to reset things and am hoping that it’ll grow out normally in… a few months…

Posted on November 3rd 2010 in Brainfarts, General
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