NaBloPoMovember: Day 4


Been a long day.  9am meeting, 11am meeting, calls about licensing, emails about stuff, out to get some mice (note to Apple: 3D artists who use Maya want full-length keyboards with a number pad, and a mouse with three buttons, so that’s an extra $100 we need to add to the iMacs we’re buying, or “order special” which means delays in getting much-needed gear).

Also, today was finally “day of crazed backup of the Isilon cluster.”  That’s right: 15.9TB of data being backed up to another device so we can do something terrifying (namely upgrade the OS, which should be fine, but has a slight chance of all hell braking loose and the data not being there after the 7min reboot).  It won’t if the backup is perfect, but if it’s not, bad things are bound to happen.  Mayonnaise goes clear, the tides go out waaaaaaaaay to far, potato chips lose their ruffles, you know… That kinda thing.

Dick Van Dyke (who still has the funny, and just now randomly played a harmonica for the first time, and was actually quite good) just compared himself to Betty White.  Tom Waits will be up next, and he’s going to talk time travel via French coffee press made of hammered copper extracted from 1953 Canadian pennies.

(no, not really, pfff… like the fifty-THREE pennies could be used to… I mean, the molybdenum alone would be…)

So I left the office today at 8:15 or so, after making sure the copy/backup process at least seemed to THINK it was going to be okay.  Sorta like leaving the house-sitter with that final “You’re okay? Got everything?” moment, I left the office thinking I should have said “And No Parties.”

Note to the Insider TV show host: Don’t interlock your fingers and then put them on the highly reflective desktop in front of you, or you’ll look like you’re playing finger-Jenga with all 16 of your non-thumb digits.

annnnnnnnnd I just caught my nail on the couch.  Ow.  Technically, I guess that was my QUICK I just caught on the couch.  That’s just wrong.

And now, I have to transfer some stuff to Arwen’s iPod.

Oh yeah, and i didn’t get the to the bike store yet.  Thinking the weekend (unless, of course, the backup didn’t finish, and I end up being at work for THAT instead of having any fun).

Picks of the moustache start tomorrow, I think.  Lots of nice silver happening around the chin.

Posted on November 4th 2010 in General
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