NaBloPoMovember: Day 6

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Bought my new bike today.  Got a good deal on bike that’s “last year’s” model (’cause the  new ones come out in a few weeks in Canada.)  It’s black, and it weighs almost nothing, and it’s got disc brakes (with hydraulic fluid in the “cable:” I was not aware it worked like that.)  It has those clicky shifters (one for up and one for down.)  It’s fancy.  I also got new fenders for it, and said I’d install them myself.

I was wrong.

I tried, believe you me.  Put them on a number of different ways, Googled some stuff, tried some other things, but I really should have had the guy install them for me.  Whenever I try to get them on, it would look almost right, but the wheel would rub.  An inauspicious start, at best.  I’ll ride with the big idiot stripe up my back for a week, and then drop it off for one of my free as-long-as-you-own-the-bike tuneups, and have them put the fenders on, ’cause I’m either doing something wrong, or have the wrong thing.

Man, I hate that feeling.  I’m good at solving puzzles, but there’s certain things I just can’t do, ’cause I’m afraid I’m gonna break something (like my new $800 bike,) and can’t help but think it’s me, y’know?  Part of learning to be a manager is, for me, learning to leave things in the hands of other who’re more capable.  Others whose job it is to get something done that I can’t figure out.  Get something done cause it’s their job, even though I think I *can* figure it out.  Not worth my time, or the stress, or the half-doneness we might end up with if I don’t give it to an expert.

On an entirely unrelated note, the movie “The Breakup” with Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Anniston, and I hated Vaghn’s character so much I *actually* had a stomach ache by the end of the movie.  Like, was causing myself stress.  What’s up with that?

I think I’m tired today.  No real reason, but it seems that almost every weekend, there’s at least one day in which I feel kinda low.

Or maybe it’s just writer’s block.

Posted on November 6th 2010 in General
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