NaBloPoMovember: Day 10

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Only have a half hour to drop this in, so I’ll just get in there.

Ten Days - It's there, it's just fleshtoned.

I finally dug into trying to clean up the podcast we did in October (I think it was) and see if I could do anything about a microphone blowout I was creating.  Turned out “okay,” but that’s about it, sadly.  I mean, Skype worked for recording and stuff, and we did pretty well at ignoring that we weren’t in the same room for the first time in 35 shows, but the recording of our TalkyBits were pretty rough.

And now, because Arwen’s out, I’m watching Walking Dead.  Pretty darned good.

Rode my bike to/from work today.  S’cold out there, lemme just say.  Good ride though.  Bad music picked.  Gotta be more conscious about the music I have with me to ride.  Bad music (or at least low-tempo music) is totally counter-productive to fast hill climbing.

Well, I’m sure this show’s going to get much much grosser in the near future, but I’m also enjoying the Stand-like vibe of “everyone’s gone.”  For now, this is pretty good.

Ooh, actually, I need to go watch this.

Posted on November 11th 2010 in General
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