NaBloPoMovember: Day 15

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Don’t have too much to say today, other than to congratulate Arwen on turning her L into an N today.  I’m pretty sure she got her license before Bruce Springsteen did, so nya…
I had today off, which was good, ’cause it meant Arwen and I got to hang out for the day with the kids at school.  This is rare for us.  Went to Burgoo for lunch, which was very very busy for a Monday at 1:15pm.  Excellent food though.
Going to be riding in to work tomorrow, I think (unless it’s going to be under 5 degrees), so wish me lunch (and assistive prevailing winds – it was stupid windy tonight).
How’s work?  I’ll be slightly evasive, and make you listen to this instead (found at  Some excellent puppetwork (trying to remember if I ever saw Henson do a duet with harmonies in one shot – probably, but I can’t remember any).

Posted on November 15th 2010 in General
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