NaBloPoMovember: Day 23

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Still stupid cold out there.  The back yard is frozen solid.  This is not normal at all for here.  Kinda freaky, actually.  So not used to it.  The grass was shattering as I walked on it to take out the garbage.  I’m pretty sure it’s my fault for buying a bike.  Sorta like washing your car makes it rain?  Yeah, sorry about that.

Our 5yo is sick, which meant he was all logey (loagey?) and crying a lot, which is totally not his thing.  He’s usually pretty chipper, for lack of a better term.  The kids missed movie night because of it, but I think he’ll get to make up for lost NetFlix time tomorrow, assuming he stays home.

Hungry.  Be right back.

(one big handful of crunchy cheezies and big cup of some sorta orange pineapple juice thing later)

Y’know, Futurama is/was  a pretty good show.  Just saying.

Went on a bit of a music tear tonight, and found a couple of tracks that my Uncle Bill introduced me to, and hearing them again?  They hold up.  Most of them stand the test of the last 25 years WAY better than most of the top-40 80s stuff has so far.  Will have to play some of it in the next podcast.

Oh, did I mention?  Figured it out.  Rather, Arwen did.  There as someone who was streaming an MP3 I had on the site EVERY DAY OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN.  I’m guessing maybe they were using it as their music-on-hold or something.  Seems there’s gotta be an easier way to do it than to download a GIG of music a DAY.


Epic Mickey looks pretty good.  Wonder if maybe I need to pick that up for Xmas for the kids (‘ dad).

Okay, I’m tired, and it’s like, 1:15  Should be sleeping.

Posted on November 24th 2010 in General
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