NaBloPoMovember: Day 24

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This one’s quick, ’cause I just got home from rebooting everything after a scheduled power outage. Today was weird. I had an old button pushed by something today, and I had to walk it off.
Arwen’s watching weird movies on NetFlix (like, awesome from-the-other-room “what the hell are you watching?” movies).
Supposed to rain tomorrow, but there’s leetle teeny snowflakes outside right now. I want to ride. Need that 1/2-hour each way of cycling/exercise.
Julia Stiles has a big head. This is not news, but it’s big enough that it deserves mentioning whenever she’s on the screen.
Tomorrow’s another day.
Gonna go put my big head on my huge pillow.

Posted on November 25th 2010 in General
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