NaBloPoMovember: Day Three Oh

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So, then that happened.

I’ve shaved it off now, but that mustache just wasn’t a pretty thing.  If you’d like to donate money to help find a cure for cancer (and quite a few of you already have, and thanks very very much for that), please do so at this page.

My dad’s coming back from Mexico in a few days, but I won’t be able to meet him at the airport ’cause I’ll be doing the big move at work.  Studio of almost 40 people, and we’re going to move it in a day.  Wish me luck.

Been listening to the latest William Gibson book “Zero History,” and I’m almost at the end “Chapter 82” I think, and it’s hitting that point I’ve reached with Pattern Recognition and Spook Country, when I find myself getting sad that it’s going to be over soon.  When things like that, I should just re-read them, but I don’t read quickly enough to re-read anything.  I get through maybe 5 or 10 pages in a night before falling asleep.

Looking forward to whatever it is that NASA’s gonna tell us on Thursday.  Maybe WikiLeaks will get there first.

Speaking of WikiLeaks, I was wondering where this stuff comes from.  Did someone get ahold of a discarded/stolen laptop somewhere?  Some ticked-off IT person kept a copy of something they weren’t supposed to?  In one of my previous jobs, I was asked to make backups of some key workstations for a Government Body of Note, using some Interesting Software, and then “take them offsite, and don’t tell anyone you have them.”  I wonder if someone offered money to whoever it is that turned in the stuff to Wikileaks, or if it was just someone walking the walk of “information wants to be free.”

AND.. now I’m tired.  Good night.

Posted on December 1st 2010 in General
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