May-Be: Day 4

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Breach detected. State wake nudge pushed clocked host.

Core route via association. Working.
Nonmelodic port knocking sequence preposed.
Non-random. Clearpath tables against tangent.
Successful breach, Justice served.
Application for warrant submitted and approved by SoCalHost 127.

Thank you for your order.

Previous message repeats 4 times.

Successful brea…

Get out dreams are mine. This beach this sand this wind is mine. You’re not welcome here. Mine. Stop. Exit. Cease. Hold. Exec stasis point. Query halt revert. You cannot access unregistered crimPoint lower than three. Hey, headgear, you know you can’t be here. Waking people like this. Can’t you see this is private space? Who the hell are you?

Revert trace inbound detected. Diffuse query continental fusion against rand seed – clouds. Little fluffy cl-

Get out. Now.

Breach detected, record enabled. Breach detected. Consulate protocols engaged. Welcome. Thank you for you order.

Mr. Goldman, can you hear me? I have an incoming message for you from the POTS. Please hold. Your call is important to us. Terminus station: Wanderfront. On the glidepath over the landing threshold. Remember your training. Reach out. Let go.

No no no get out. You’re not real. I’m sick. That’s all. Just need to sleep.

Breach detected.


Thank you for your order.

Posted on May 4th 2011 in Not Really
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