May-Be: Day 6

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No, Not Really continues.

This runner needs to reply.  Can’t stay out here in the open, I don’t think.  Though, nobody seems to notice that I’m here.  Once I got rid of the easily-removable gear, and tripped the power on the rest of the stuff I normally carry, it’s as if I wasn’t there any more.  People are so used to the perimeter and social lightshow, I guess I kinda went silent.

Not invisible, just ignorable.

It takes me fifteen minutes to find a suitable building, and another twenty to get into the basement.  Six more minutes of some work with an improvised crowbar places me where I need to be, I think.

We’ll see.  I’ve seen the folks do this to play simple graphic games on the sides of buildings.  Games you could play from blocks away.  Giant grain silos used as recording environments.  Entire building used as musical instruments.  None of that makes me think I know how to achieve what I’m about to attempt, but at least it feels like there should be a hope of this working.  We’ll know in a few minutes.

Posted on May 7th 2011 in Not Really

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