NaBloPomo: Day 10

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Today happened, and I’m trying to solve a technical issue at work that’s going to prove to be an issue because someone once made a decision that didn’t include the previous incarnation of the service. Which would be all fine and good BUT there’s backup tapes involved. Backup wouldn’t matter any more after a couple of days or even weeks BUT there’s also ARCHIVE information. Y’know, stuff you move to tape to get it off expensive storage, and then bring back later if necessary.

Well, now it’s necessary, and there’s no way to get the stuff from the old tape system back online without full resurrection of the system. Ugly.

So, yeah. That’s happening.

Went for dinner tonight with the family and some friends we made over the last year, and it’s really great to just go out and have fun with people you like, but don’t know very well yet. Nice to know I’m not so old that I can’t make new friends, y’know? Especially when so many of the people I’ve known over the last 20 years have moved away from Vancouver.

There’s a DJ Shadow remix competition going on right now, and I have the component kit downloaded, but am TERRIFIED to even approach the music-making process again after so long. A few months back, I got some turntable controllers as a gift, and have been trying to learn to beat-juggle and smoothly cross-fade, but mostly it’s just been me trying to get the creative process going again. I’m not sure why I find creating so alarming, but I do.

I’ve been listening to a collection of music that I originally put together as mixtapes, and I gotta say… there’s a lot of dogs on those mixes. Stuff that I can’t stand listening to now (to be fair, it’s 20+ years later, so my tastes have changed as much as the quality of the recordings have). I forgot how annoying certain “catchy” songs are after a few decades.

I read today that Tom Waits and a whole schwack of famously odd actors are going to be in a movie that’s filming right now. I think Christopher Walken is in there, too. Can’t wait. Love seeing Tom Waits act, ’cause he really lets his Vaudeville out when the camera’s are on him.

Lastly, I’ll leave you with this. Go to and check out the first video on the top left (they’re all interesting for different reasons.) A truly excellent bit of physical comedy. I see silliness like that, and I just want to have a dinner party during which nobody gets a chair, and you have to server yourself from under the table.

Maybe that’s why I don’t like creating things from scratch, I’d rather find what’s already there, and rearrange it like the puzzle I treat most of life to be. If someone says to me “make a puzzle for me,” I wouldn’t know where to start.

Posted on November 10th 2011 in General
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