NaBloPoMo: Day 12

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Relaxed day. Did a sniper-like run into CostCo today to pick up a thing. It’s alarming how big those places are. Can’t buy less than $8 of anything. TicTacs? Only if you buy a dozen boxes. Don’t think I wasn’t tempted. I love me some tacs, I tell you what.

Oh man, we did some cleaning yesterday. Rather, I did some tidying, and Arwen did some cleaning. Stopped short of alphabetizing the bookshelves, but hooboy there’s a lot more room on those Ikeas than there used to be. The office is actually pretty nice when it’s cleared up (and there’s not stuff falling off the bookshelf.)

Took the kids to Mikado on Hastings to look at the cool karate and ninjitsu stuff. Almost bought some of those ninja socks (with the separate big toe) but couldn’t bring myself to do it. OH, and they have slightly warped Bo for free! If you have a way to unwarp a six foot piece of redwood, go for it. Tate got a Bo that’s not visibly messed up, and it’s his height, so hey, free Bo. Woot.

I think Ripley’s feeling kinda ticked, but he’s okay after being promised that he can use Arwen’s Bo and we’re looking into signing him up for some TaiChi, which should be good for him. The boy could use a little serenity, know what I mean? It’s not that he’s angry, but he sure does love to have a good verbal/semantics fight.

Don’t know where he gets that. Ahem.

Posted on November 13th 2011 in General

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