NaBloPoMo: Day 15

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Pretty random tonight, so hope I don’t leave you all wondering what I’ve been drinking (Tim Hortons Double-Double).

“Being president is a real non-stop headstuff twirl-fest.”
The Daily Show – Nov 15, 2011

Watched Our Idiot Brother tonight, and enjoyed it quite a bit. We were both reminded of Peter Sellers’ Being There.

Been reading Stephen King’s new book, and so far it’s as solid as his previous stuff. Been reading it on my iPhone using the ebook reader application, and the one thing that I find odd is that there’s no page numbering. Actually, there IS page numbering, but it’s on a per-screen basis, so I’m currently on “page” 113 of 1,578. Maybe I’ll try reading Neal Stephenson’s Quicksilver/Baroque cycle again, ’cause when I’m on page 113 of 6,000 (first book of three), maybe it won’t seem so bad.

Heard that Community is being “benched” for a while mid-season, and I found it interesting that most of the buzz on twitter seemed to be calling for Whitney to be pulled instead of Community. Seems sorta random. As long as they don’t pull Two Broke Girls (which is funny, but largely because my wife makes fun of me for getting stars in my eyes whenever Kat Dennings is on screen.)

Thanks to the webcam and some smart software, I got to be really paranoid for about ten minutes this afternoon. I was in Chinatown having some lunch. I don’t know what the food was called, nor do I know the name of the restaurant, because there’s no English whatsoever on anything in the place. Like, not even an anglicized “House of Foodness” sign to help us EOL (English as an Only Language) folks figure out there’s food in there. Love their… whatever the stuff at the top left of the poster with the pictures on it is. Tate and I should go down there for lunch some time and order off the pictures instead of either of us trying to read anything.

Oh right, yeah, so the webcam is pointed out the window and sends me a single frame of the video clip whenever it spots a person. Not cats or cars or trees, just people. Kinda neat, actually. But I’m sitting at lunch eating my uh… lunch, and get a single frame of a guy in a black shirt and black pants in the back yard.

Then another one. This guy had a badge on his shoulder. Oh crap.

Got back to the office and remoted home to grab the clips and see what was going on. Turns out it was all the same person, and it was all a cop. Not sure what he was looking for, but he was certainly looking around for it pretty desperately. We checked some local crime maps when I got home, and the week before last had at least three break-ins in our area. So, all good right now, but there’s SOMETHING going on in the area.

I blame the raccoons.

Getting colder during the ride home, so I’m going to need some better, thicker gloves and start wearing more than a teeshirt under my cycling jacket.

Still haven’t seen my xray from last week, so stay tuned about whether or not I’m doomly doom doomed.

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