NaBloPoMo: Day 19

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Drove out to Chilliwack to put on the snow tires and have lunch/dinner with my mom. Was good. One of what I’ve come to think of as a “Rock Star” visit. Swoop in, drink coffee, talk too much and too fast, and then go home again. They’re fun, but I have also tried to make sure I’m giving everyone ELSE a chance to talk about stuff, and I think I fall down more often than I’d like.

After I got home tonight, Arwen and I watched an episode of Portlandia, followed by the film Another Earth, which was good, but left the ending open. Felt like someone telling a story and then going “and then, I…” and then held their hands out at you to fill in what’s next. Enjoyed the film though, don’t get me wrong.

Also, a second Earth would really screw up the tides, and at the rate the Earth was inbound, I was interested in what’d happen another two months after the end of the film.

Listened to the CBC interview with Kermit the Frog and Jian Gilmeshie so the kids could hear it. I probably spelled Jian’s last name wrong, but can’t look up right now because I’m on my iPhone, which would mess things up for this post.

and now the Muppets are co-hostening Saturday Night Live, so I’m a go watch that.

Posted on November 19th 2011 in General
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